CamelBak Day Pack

they dont come with the water bladder!? then whats the point!?

I enjoy how they charge 30 bucks for this thing’s water bottle without the discount code.

When the backpack costs more than the water bottle you know there’s something goin on.

Backpack overload! Love Camelbak, but this is nuts!

Camelbak’s Website

Actually, it looks like it’s $25. The coupon give you free ground shipping.

what coupon are you talking about?

The “Ruckus” will make for an OK snowboard\ski day pack.

It’s pretty heavy for a day pack though. The woot descrip says “Empty Bottle Weight” at 2.38lbs but they are talking about the pack with the empty bottle attached.

This sells elsewhere for $40-$60 so it is a great deal.

What exactly is the difference between a men’s and a women’s pack? Is it just torso length? Is it the hip belt?

It’s a backpack…

I think it’s the belt location.

A CamelBak without a reservoir? Sounds like a LlamaBak to me…

Hey Woot people, there’s an error in your listing. The image titled “CamelBak 61001 (Black) / 61002 (Chocolate) Presidio Day Pack” shows the black one as 61002 and the chocolatey one as 60001. The numbers are consistent everywhere else, so it’s just the image that’s incorrect.

I giggled.

It’s the shoulder straps, look at the Rukus Rear vs the Portola rear.
The woman’s should straps have more of a curve to accommodate the top side proportions.

Hahaha, hopefully the Woot! staff does too! :wink:

mmmmm… women’s top side proportions…

Would that be a Camelfront?


You can find cheaper bladders on ebay or “tactical/airsoft/paintball” sites.

Not a bladder, but the Rukus seems to come with a bottle which a $10 or so value…

■CamelBak Ruckus with Included Water Bottle
■Bottle: 24oz (.75) Bottle

I’m gonna be hangin in Kenya. This could come in handy. I’m just trying to figure out what the big deal about getting a woman’s backpack is. Am I going to be uncomfortable if I get the men’s one that comes with the water bottle?