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CamelBak Day Pack [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

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One of the pictures says this is for women. Is this a female-oriented item?

Camelbak’s Website

How this thing call itself a CamelBak when it doesn’t have a water bladder?

Here’s a review of the Geary

Make sure you note: reservoir not included!

Looks like the Geary is for guys and the other two are women’s styles (portola and valencia).

Was looking for a camelbak…but is this one that I want? Thoughts, please…

The optional reservoir (arguably the whole point of a Camelbak…) can be purchased separately but will more than double the cost:

$31.99 at Amazon

$28 at Eastern Mountain Sports

How can you call this woot when its owned by amazon? and partnered with yahoo(for sellout)?

Its the brand name. They have separate names for everything they sell and they even sell gloves, which don’t have a bladder either. On a side note you can go pick up a cheap one from walshart and it’ll work just as good since these are built to hold bladders if you want them to.

No water bladder, no deal!

From the sellout.woot description: “Unique top loading design opens completely for full view and easy access to contents”
It says this on every item, but there’s never any photos of the inside!

What does the Portola’s “Divider inside of laptop sleeve for folders, papers, etc…” look like compared to the plain old laptop sleeve of the Geary? If the Geary is a little bigger than the Portola, but the Portola has more pockets (from what I can tell from the copy), does that make it a little cramped? Are there any photos of these bags… unzipped?

How big of laptop can this bag accomodate?

Am I to assume that any reservoir will fit in the pack?

Was about to pull the trigger on the geary but it is only in blue, so no deal for me. Even without the water belly I want one of these for commuting to class. Just don’t like blue :frowning:

Sucks I have been waiting for these for awhile and when they show they are the wrong color.

I understand the helmet is not included, but is the helmet holder included? Some pictures show it, others don’t, and it’s not mentioned in the text.

Is the description trying to say that the floral pattern models are the women’s models, perhaps?

I like the black pack but there is no pic to tell if it has sternum and waist straps. Anyone happen to know if it does???