CamelBak Kid's Mini M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

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CamelBak Kid’s Mini M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack
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4.9 Stars over at Dick’s Sporting Goods

I wonder what M.U.L.E stands for in this case…

Alas, probably not:

For those looking for the flashback, in flash form, (not playable):

Sadly, the original Atari MULE Online website is no more.

Pardon my waxing nostalgic.

Does the bladder come out so it can be used just as a backpack?

Is this thing super tiny? I can’t find any pictures of it on a real kid.

Yes, it is:

Yes, the bladder comes out but, this doesn’t have a lot of storage space. There are two small pockets where you can put a snack, your keys, or your phone in but, not much else. The two straps on the side can be let out to accommodate a kid’s bike helmet or light jacket. My daughter got one for Christmas and, she loves it. Again, it’s not a “backpack”, it’s a hydration pack with pockets.

WOOT, you’re about a month too late with this sale. I got one as a Christmas present for my 8 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. People should not confuse this with a “backpack” though. Besides the water bladder, it only has room for a couple of small items, like a snack, a phone, or your keys. There are two straps on the side that, when let out, allow the back pocket to swing out. You could stash a kid’s bike helmet or a light jacket in there. Overall, this is a great summer accessory for kids out biking or hiking. My daughter borrowed one of my CamelBaks for summer camp last year so, now she has her own. If your kid likes being outside, they will like this.

Note: Kid’s need to be told NOT to chew on the bite valve. Otherwise, they will and, within a day, the bite valve will leak.

Couple thoughts here:

  1. is it wiser to have a MULE on your back than a Monkey?

  2. If you take the bladder out there’s gonna be a constant flow of mess.

  3. I’m bored at work this morning.