Camelbak Motherlode 3L Hydration Backpack

Camelbak Motherlode 3L Hydration Backpack


Ok if there is another time these come up
*Abu is 500 non ripstop with antidote assembled in Mexico with USA and imported made
I caved at the price of $40 and bought all three not really needing any more now. Coyote being the only one I bought from woot previously due to lack of specifics in sale, not needing that many and the $50 price
*Coyote is new (old at this point) generation ripstop 500 with laser cut
*Black is old 1000 with omega made in Mexico unfortunately not old enough to be made in USA

So my thoughts are only get black or coyote -black if you want more rugged to throw around, not worry as much about contents damaging internals or throwing against rough surfaces and don’t mind older bladder or have a newer bladder to use. coyote which has benefit of a tiny bit more water resistance w/o cover, the laser cut and a little more internal room (shouldn’t really notice) than the 1000d and slightly less weight (also shouldn’t really notice -don’t buy these if you’re worried about ultralight gear) yet don’t care about the extra molle up sides. If you’re handy and frugal the laser cut also may be a detriment as can’t just sow on a ripped strap.

Don’t bother with abu unless you require the color pattern vs coyote or just can’t stand the idea or not getting the now last gen antidote with the $50 or this sales $40 price

Of course I’m still maybe looking for larger rubicon if the price is really good the woot sale on those was not compared to the occasional sale finds.