CamelBak Women's Charm Hydration Pack

What’s the difference between a “women’s” and a “Men’s” except marketing??
Ok - never mind. Actually read the description. still think it’s mostly marketing though…

Please see rule #32 regarding the acceptable use of hydration packs.

Before anyone buys this they should know that CamelBak as a part of Vista Outdoor is a strong NRA supporter…

LOL - As a long distance endurance road cyclist, occasionally in 120+ degree desert heat, I can say that an insulated hydration pack with cool water is a welcome thing to have on my back.

So I will buy two then. Thank you

Now you have talked me into getting at least one,if not two.

NRA? Sign me up for two!

Ohhhh Good to know! I hope this has the rifle sling option, or the pistol holster to go with the camelbak!

Nice! Good reason to buy a couple of 'em! Thanks.