Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Chameleon



I am soo dissapointed, here I thought: great a sale of chameleons, I am so in, but it is just camera equipment.


Is that like “Duck duck duck duck duck duck GOOSE!”?

Okay, I confess, I know it’s really a reference to a Culture Club song… [youtube=JmcA9LIIXWw][/youtube]


The “Lens Pens” are awesome. A completely streak free lens. I use it on my kids glasses as well, works great.


The Lens pens look like sonic screwdrivers :smiley:


Since there’s no chatter about the Adxio camcorder, I looked up a little info about it and the company, and maybe someone else can comment on this info.

Looks like Adxio, Inc filed for bankruptcy last year in November (looks like it is still pending):

And from the looks of the Adxio website they either rebranded as DigiTomo or a company bought them. The images of the Adxio camcorder are on that site with the logo “DigiTomo” added to it.

There is at least one 4-star favorable review on Amazon.comReview

My primary concern would be whether you’d be able to get warranty coverage or support if something went wrong. Hopefully the new DigiTomo is helpful, and you could get a squaretrade for this right?


Great sale if you want to save some real money since everything is sold out.