Camera Event

I have three Sony e-mount cameras. I have the a6000, a5000, and a3000. The a3000 is a great starter camera. The images are very good. The ideal person for this camera is someone who is used to older film SLRs just getting back into photography.

The lens that comes with the a3000 looks cheap but it actually does a very good job. The a3000 is styled like a DSLR but is actually a mirrorless camera. It lacks many of the advanced features such as built in WIFI and NFC but it is great for someone wanting to use manual controls.

The a3000 has a hot flash and a view finder. What makes the a3000 great is that you can easily adapt old manual lenses. I have bought some Pentax and Minolta lenses which work great. the camera has photo peaking which will emphasis the area of focus by outlining it in a specified color. This is great for focusing on eyes.

I have had a lot of fun collecting older manual lenses to use with the e-mount cameras. I have some Russian lenses coming in. I have also tried some low cost CCTV lenses from China.

It is really fun, using 40 and 50 year old lenses on modern digital cameras. The a3000 makes this very easy to do.

Sigma is making some really terrific prime lenses for the e-mount. These go for about $200.00 each. I bought the 60mm f2.8 which is a great portrait lens.

If you have an existing film camera and want to preserve your investment in lenses, this is a great camera.

The a6000 is better in every way but the a3000 at this price is a good entry-level to Sony.

Here is a link to see some photos: