Camera Neck Strap



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Camera Neck Strap
$0.49 + $5 Standard OR $5 Two-Day OR $10 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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lol, random! brand?

ebay cheapie. good for a cheap camera! I’d worry about my camera though. (few pounds and over $1300 depending on what’s attached! hehe)


Really, umm … Really?


Is this some sort of a joke?
Hasn’t this woot-off been lame enough?


Hey Woot, I want a Bag of crab, not a piece OF Crab


Man, I know I don’t need one, but I want to buy it just because it’s 50 cents!


I assume their thinking is “a bunch of people have already unlocked shipping, so they’ll buy anything if it’s cheap enough, no matter how useless”


Waste of bits.


Yep. That’s why I snagged one. :smiley:


Camera coming next?


Free shipping, why not…


no its the end of the world, so no one will live to remember this. or at least woot hopes so


Apparently these are big in Arizona


Exactly why I bought 3. What is wrong with me?


I think you guys are really selling this one short. Did you see that it has breathable mesh?


At least it’s a “paded” neck strap.


An Elephant for a dollar is a good deal if you have a dollar and need an elephant…


how do you figure free shipping? It says .49 Plus $5 shipping.