Camera Onsalea



So which camera is going to provide the clearest, sharpest picture of bacon?

Seriously though, any owners are welcome to post pictures taken with these cameras!


I’d say the Samsung with the screen on the front or the Pentax’s, but none of these cameras are phenomenal.

Here’s the Pentax on Amazon, in black, for $120.

Here’s the section on Image quality in a review. Results are a bit weak.

An reviewer gives the Kodak a 3/5, stressing that it’s “okay”. It’s available for $120 on as well, but not the kit which seems to be on Woot.

Here’s a review on the Samsung, it doesn’t get the praise of the Pentax for being above average, but there is far less noise in those 100% crops.

Hope this helps!


Anybody know the length of the camera strap?


Which camera?


I bought the Pentax on a regular Woot for $15 more. (That part sucks)
It is a great little camera. (RZ18) (Pictures are very clear indoors and out.


I bought the samsung dual view. This camera is beyond awesome. Dual view takes the guess work out of self taking photos. It has WiFi. you can email,upload online and wifi your photos to your own computer. great special frame photo options, movie, HD photos. On screen editing. Face recognition, a childrens option plays a movie on the front so they will look at the camera. This camera has a great price and many more options. Look on youtube for a great video of features. What are you waiting for???Go buy it now!


No camera. The $0.50 neck strap.


I’m too late, but was going to comment on the eye-fi card. Got the pro x2 last time on woot and couldn’t be happier with it. Love having my pics upload automatically. And speed during burst photography was great.

Highly recommend picking one up on the next offering!


Since when is 640x480 extreme?


I have been using my Canon digital camera for almost 3 years.I do not wanna replace it with other brand cameras. but most of my friends are using Nikon cameras , all good !