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Received my Pentax 12772R X-5 16MP Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom. Good value for the money at $129. It was in excellent condition with no visible flaws. Part of keeping the costs down appears to have been by not having a rechargeable battery pack. I started with some generic batteries that came with a remote and they didn’t do too well… the camera would start up then shut itself back down. Fresh Duracells worked fine and I’ve got some NiMH AAs charging. The camera has an option to select battery type (Lithium, NiMH, Alk) so I’ll be using it. This is not a camera I’d lug around on vacation (I’m down to using my phone for that), but with the optical zoom and stabilization it should work well for its purpose of taking pics of wildlife.

I have a Pentax K-1 and it does some excellent low light shooting. Have you tried this camera in low light?

Am I reading this wrong? Woot Vanguard Abeo Pro 283AB Aluminum tripod with BBH-100 ball head for $199.99. Same tripod on Amazon for $189.99

Probably because Amazon won’t leave their cotton-pickin’ prices alone. :angry:

Sooooo… will you guys be dropping the price on the tripod with the BBH-100 or shall I purchase it on Amazon?

Maybe that’s the idea… Would you have purchased it on Amazon if this deal hadn’t popped up on woot!?

If the deal had been slightly higher on amazon, would woot! feel like a good deal? If not, then maybe you wouldn’t feel the urge to buy it.

But, if a deal is on woot!, and it happens to be cheaper on Amazon, then that must be a GREAT deal, right?

…maybe I’m paranoid and over-thinking this.

The price history shows that the price on Amazon dropped recently. Over it’s history, it’s usually a lot higher. Also, there is only one left in stock. After that, the price might jump up. That being said, buy it on Amazon (if you can get that last one). Otherwise buy it on woot!. Or, don’t buy it at all. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a price reduction, but who knows.

(just in-case you don’t know, woot is owned by Amazon)

You might be on to something. Woot gives us the idea to buy something we didn’t even know we wanted, so we go price checking, and it doesn’t matter which site we buy from, they still win.

I see that several items in all categories make repeat appearances (presumably until they end up on the Sellout.Woot page).

Am really hoping the Pentax Q comes back around soon (not the Q10 or Q7), as I missed out while I was researching the heck out of the various cameras. When I was ready to take the plunge, I was greeted by the Uh-Oh monkey face staring out at me from my cart: Denied.


Because of the three factors, I would not suggest the X-5 for low light work: small sensor, slow lens, very aggressive noise reduction. If you want a pretty nice general-purpose camera (esp. at that price), this is a winner, but if low light is what interests you, look elsewhere. That said, the image stabilization works very well and I’ve been able to take shots at full zoom down to about 1/30 that are pretty sharp. Oh, and buy yourself some AA Eneloops so you don’t have to keep swapping batteries – I just don’t trust that battery door at all.

The photos for the Vanguard Auctus 323CT Carbon Fiber Tripod are actually photos of the Auctus PLUS 323CT.

The Plus model has a gear with lever for raising the center column. The model for sale here does not have the gear.

Price is still good…that’s why I bought one.

per Woot Staff the pic used in that offer should be correct and not the PLUS model.

Here is what the PLUS model should look like:

The JVC GV-LS2 is not much of a deal. Bring the price down a couple hundred and I’ll scoop some up. Right now its in line with most all other flea vendors.

Heads up on that $10 less 283AB tripod… that price says “ships in 2-4 weeks”…

I think I’m going to pull the trigger on one Woot. I have been tripod shopping Vanguard tripods the last week and then THIS shows up on Woot… It’s going to allow me to get a much better model than I was going to be able to afford previously!

Thanks Woot!

Also another note, while looking for reviews of the 283AB, at least one site said that this was discontinued by Vanguard… thus this may be why these several tripods are at such great prices. I guess get em while they’re hot!

Just picked one of these up myself.

From what I can tell, its the only tripod on here currently with Vanguard’s multi-angle central column system… which I see as potentially very cool for my recently renewed interest in macro photography.

Otherwise being aluminum, that I don’t consider a disadvantage, its cheaper than the carbon fiber tripod without the multi-angle… thing.

Looks like a deal to me.