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OfficeDepot has the same camera NEW for the same price…

Amazon has some very detailed reviews. Looks like a pretty good camera…

I’d pass on the red Samsung WB110(Samsung EC-WB110ZBARUS 20.2MP Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom). I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks and I’m really disappointed. I have a class 10 SD card, so that’s not the cause. Here’s what I wrote on the previous offering:

I wonder if there is a firmware update for it? I had somewhat similar issues with a Kodak Z990, and was ready to chuck it. Then I read they had had a few updates that addressed some issues, and it was almost like getting a new camera. Some things about it still bug me, but overall I love that camera for what it is, and still use it to this day.

How does the camera take a duo card OR an SD? Are they not different sizes and shapes?

Perhaps it has two slots?

I’m not sure which camera you’re asking about, but @haydesigner is probably right about there being two slots. My camera, although it’s not a model in this sale, has two slots for memory.

What type of mount is the Sony zoom lens, A or E?

Looks like an E, based on the model # …

Anyone have any experience with vanguard tripods? I ordered the 363cb but can’t find many reviews online

I was wondering the same thing… i was just about to buy a manfrotto 190pro, but i might wait and see what people say about these tripods. need something pretty heavy duty, my setup weighs close to 8 lbs.

Found a NEW (old stock) Nikon N1 at Shopko marked down to $175 complete with leather case. This was a one-off left-behind item, so do not expect to find one at your store.

I wanted to get an “interchangeable lens compact” or ILC camera so I could get some experience using it. That’s because I teach beginners how to use cameras in non-credit classes.
I also wanted to drop a picture and comment in the second edition of my, “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought” book which is finally getting printed.

Here are some observations:

It’s 10 MP in a 14-20 MP world. Still plenty for most people.

It is NOT, NOT, NOT the same as a true digital single lens reflex camera. It does not have the DSLR optical viewfinder system that defines that kind of camera. It is a compact camera with removable lenses.

Probably the best thing about it is that you zoom the lens manually with your fingers, not with a motor. This allows more precise and thoughtful framing.

You can buy cheap adapters to attach other lenses, but you are using them on full manual with no exposure aids or automation. This is fun a few times, but then the novelty wears off.

If you do not intend to buy additional lenses, you can do better. There are some other very good compacts with higher resolution that are under $200. I have a Sony that is simply remarkable and is 18 MP well under the $200 range when on sale.

If you need to shoot fast action, sports, wildlife, I’d go DSLR.

If you want a quality compact camera and have the desire to use other lenses, this may be a good item for you.

Think of it as the equivalent to the film cameras that were rangefinders with removable lenses (Leica CL, etc.) that competed with 35mm SLRs. Some folks loved them, others did not.

Wish this one had an optical viewfinder!

if you’re referring to the handycam, which I believe you are, this video shows you the slot and also mentions it can take both.

I took a look at your orginal post and noted, "Forget trying to capture anything with any speed. (I have a high speed 16GB SD card installed.).

I think that you may be comparing apples to oranges in this case. A high speed card only affects how fast data from the camera that is already taken is placed on the card and is usally only important for high speed bursts and movies, especially iin n HD.

The sluggishnes in focus and shooting is the camera design.

Most compact cameras are not designed for tracking and focusing on high speed action. That’s why so many people are carrying larger and more responsive DSLRs.

A firmware upgrade may help, if available. But, as they told me in the Army, “Get the right tool for the job.”

So of the two Sony DSLRs which is the better buy?

I just realized the a5000 description says “mirrorless DSLR”.

It’s not a DSLR. Takes good photos though and probably has the same sensor as the a58 (same size, megapixels).

I’ve had a couple Samsung cameras (though admittedly, not the ones up today). They take nice photos, but I was incredibly disappointed with the battery life and the build quality-neither one lasted more than 6 months of relatively light use.

Looks like you can get the LUMIX DMC-ZS19K directly from Panasonic for $40.00 cheaper ($139.99) until the end of the month.

Market weasel words. They are compact cameras or bridge cameras that do not have the viewing system or all the features of a true DSLR