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Factory reconditioned by Nikon should be essentially good as new. This is a pretty old model but it’s a darn good price to get into the Nikon 1 system. A genuine Nikon battery for this camera costs $45. This lens new costs $186. So the camera body is pretty much free on this deal.

I bought the Vanguard ABEO 323AB Aluminum Tripod with SBH-250 Ball Head last time it was offered. I got to use it a couple weeks ago out on some crazy terrain out in the woods and yeah, its pretty beefy. I was never afraid my camera was going to fall off or the tripod was going to tip over. (DSLR w/battery grip and heavy wide angle lens).

Good stuff. And at 1/2 the price, this was a STEAL. Vanguard makes pro level gear (think Manfrotto and other high end brands), so this isn’t a toy.

Beach Camera is selling the Nikon 1 J1 camera (also factory refurbished) with the same lens for $169 — with free shipping.

Woot, let me do the match for you: That’s $34.99 LESS than you. And they have more than one available.

Nice find. That’s incredibly tempting. But then I need another digital camera like I need another hole in my head.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Nikon’s factory refurbs are top notch. I’ve got a refurb D5100 that has been operating without fault for nearly a year now.

Found one new in box (old stock) at Shoko for $179 new. Lucky me.

However, if you do not plan on buying addtional lenses, there is not a lot of reason to get a camera with a removable lens.

My 18 MP Sony with fixed lens was about the same price and in many ways outperforms the Nikon.

However, I do like the manual zoom vs motorized ones.

This deal on the Contour2 cams, after shipping and tax, isn’t even as good as the standard Amazon price. DISAPPOINTING.

why get the vanguard when you can get the Pyle one, a global conglomerate brand that could leverage their POV cam, metal detector, tablet, tablet, bluetooth speaker, measurement equip technology into building their tripod.

Are the two Lytro cams 16GB and 8GB, and I’m just missing that? If not, what (other than color) explains the price difference?

Not until they can get their tripod to mount to a helmet for use with their action cam. Though to go all out, the helmet would need to be Pyle too… which would be totally safe to wear of course.