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I didn’t get up early enough to buy the Nikon lens. Darn it! Must have only had one available.

Picked up the Sony a3000 DSLR. Good price on a camera that has great reviews on amazon and elsewhere. Now Woot needs to sell me a 200mm lens

The A3000 is a great camera, especially at this price. It’s not a DSLR but a DSLR-shaped mirrorless camera; think of it as a low-cost NEX camera. The picture quality and capabilities are excellent, it uses the standard Sony E-mount lenses. The weakest point is the LED screen, which is not that good.

The HP photo frame, does it have holes to hang it on a wall or just easel?

Does this camera come with a lens or must a lens be purchased separately?

The Sony? It comes with one lens. It’s described on the Specs tab.

Thank you for pointing out that this type of camera is not a true DSLR.

I am consistently impressed with Sony photo products, especially since they bought out Minolta’s photo division some years ago!

But it sure helps to know what yo are buying and cut through the hype.

The terms are blurring as the cameras are morphing into a new species, and the marketing hypesters are not making it easier on consumers who are not up on terms.

First, ALL compact “point and shoot” cameras are “mirrorless.”

Second ALL compact cameras are “through the lens” as in what you see on the screen came through the same lens that takes the picture.

Third, a true digital single lens reflex uses a mirror and prism-like system to show you OPTICALLY what the lens sees.

Fourth, cameras with miniature electronic viewfinders (in addition to the big screen on back) show your ELECTRONICALLY what the lens sees.

At this stage of development, the optical viewfinder is clearer and more responsive. However the electronic viewfinder is progressing well!

While today all true optical DSLRs have interchangeable lenses, this was not always true.

Today, all the cameras that look like DSLRs but do NOT have removable lenses have electronic finders…none have optical ones.

ILCs (interchangeable lens compacts) offer removable lenses and are getting popular due to their size, but are not as fast handling as a true DSLR.)

My 1993 Canon/Kodak 2 MP DSLR originally cost $15,000. I bought mine at a thrift store for $1.

All these changes make updating the second edition of my book, “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought” a challenge!

I have not tried the Sony EVF but I actually prefer the Olympus EVFs over any of the 35mm optical finders I ever used. Instant zoom in manual, gain up for those dim night shots, and the fact that changes show in the finder are all improvements.

I think t depends on what you are doing and how you work. I wouldn’t recommend them for commercial work with fast sports but for everything else I think they are handier and definitely the kit is smaller and lighter.

Glad to hear the a3000 takes great pics. Sorry about the DSLR comment. I thought it was. Still a good price I thought. Will this camera work well with a larger say 200mm lens? I’m new to the camera game. Have a couple compacts but nothing with interchangeable lenses.