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VIZIO XMT1008W1 Tablet, Smartphone, Digital Camera Wall & USB Power Charger Kit

“Power Adapter Output: 5V - 2A”

$2 for a 2amp charger ain’t bad at all… Well as long as you’re getting more stuff because if you just buy this and pay the $5 shipping it kinda makes it not so great a deal.

You could do worse. :slight_smile:

i get suckered into thinking that maybe they’ll have actual lenses. every. time.

Just being picky, but also happy to see that the interchangable lens Sony is NOT listed as a DSLR…bcause it’s not.

They went the cheap route and put an EVF in the place where a reflex housing would go on a real DSLR.

The Sony WX80 and Fujifim T310 seem appealing to me. I have two Sonys, one is a similar but older WX9 that has been a great camera. Picture quality is good and low light performance is good.

I was thinking of getting another as recently it seemed like there was dust on the sensor and the pics had blemishes, by my wife’s recent use has somehow cleared this up seemingly. One thing that I wish this WX80 had was a 3:2 picture ratio option. It has only 16:9 and 4:3. What this means if you send off photos to be printed a 4x6’s then there will be some cropping. Perhaps not where you want.

I took a batch of photos at a graduation using a 5M 4:3 mode and forgot about the aspect ratio. A number of the prints came back with heads right at the very edge of the picture. Remembering this, on my last set I had printed, I opened all 60 pics in photoshop and did a manual cropping, forcing them with to have a 6:4 (3:2) aspect ratio.

The fuji T310 does have good but a small number of reviews on Amazon. Has pretty good zoom for a small camera. It does have a 3:2 ratio which would be good for prints.

Not sure what to do.

I have owned the Fuji T310 for a few years now, and absolutely love it. I bought it new when it first came out and still thought it was a bargain then. It takes great pictures and the zoom is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone- and the long zoom Fuji is good also. My other camera is a similar long-zoom Fuji and I love it too.

Go on the main Amazon site and read the reviews for the A3000. You need to understand what you are getting with this camera: the Sony E-series lenses original developed for the NEX line of mirrorless cameras. The reviews are great for a DSLR functionality but much lighter weight.

Can anyone point me to specs on the a3000’s capability for night shots? I’d like to try taking shots of thunderstorms at night and stars (possibly meteor showers).

I assume it’s not a manual shutter.

FWIW, I bought a Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot probably six or seven years ago now. Last year, I purchased a Canon Point and Shoot for around $120 on sale. The Cybershot takes far better photos even though it’s older.

So I recommend Sony products for sure. Not sure if they’ve changed, but I’m gonna sell the Canon piece of crap and buy a newer Sony.

Never said is was a bad camera, just not a true DSLR. It’s basically a very nice compact camera on steroids that has removable lenses.

Again, nice, but not DSLR.

Leaving out a true reflex housing is a compromise to save money and make a model for a specific kind of customer.

People, including my students, are getting confused by what I call “terminology drift.”

They show up in the DSLR class with compact removable lens ILCs and even non-removable lens cameras that kinda look like a DSLR.

Before you can get the right tool for the job, you need to sort out the tools.

I bought one of these about a month ago and have been using it nearly every day, though mostly at night. It does a fine job in low light, whether using manual or auto focus, and has provision for you to tweak the AF manually if you’d like, using overzoom on the rear display. Very pleased with the camera. I’ll attach a shot of the last supermoon, using the 55-210 zoom lens. I do recommend you get yourself a remote timer / bulb switch; I have the JJC TM-F2 (~$45 at Amazon), it’s awesome. There is a Manual setting which allows one to set Ap/Sh/ISO, as well as other settings - overall, whatever you’d need. Top image shot using lens included in this Woot, bottom w/zoom purchased from eBay.

On that Sony for $219, they say “With Clear Image Zoom the powerful processor compares patterns found in adjacent pixels and creates new pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher-quality images. Clear Image Zoom doubles optical zoom for closer photos.”

Weasel marketing hype for “interpolation.” This was used years ago when cameras were 2 MP and they tried to sell them as 8. Not a feature to consider.

Message to Lytro:

$49.95 and you have a deal

Just received my fujifilm t310 from this sale and instead of coming with the advertised 8gb sd card I received the basic 4gb card. Not a super big issue but just raising awareness. I’m hoping the good people at woot have a way of making this up to me and all the others who made this purchase though.


Just received my Sony A3000 - no flash - was it not included?

There’s a built-in flash that pops up but it did not come with an external flash (using the hot shoe).

Here’s the manual.

D’oh. There it is. :slight_smile:

Ordered the 19th of August, Still has not shipped. Contacted woot support to no avail. Ordered something else a full 5 days later and arrived last week. This is getting very ridiculous really wish woot would communicate a little better.

Understandable, I’ll check in with CS on your case.

Strange, I got mine about 2 weeks ago, and it took a week to get it sent out from CA. Hope there’s a happy conclusion to this. Good luck.