Cameras & Accessories

I have an NX200, and it’s a GREAT camera. The shooting speed is a little slow, but other than that it shines in every way possible.

The build quality and in-hand feel is amazing. It’s remarkably small and surprisingly light, but also very solid feeling.

The lenses are high quality and affordable.

The sensor performs marvelously even it surprisingly low light. Even at high ISOs it’s relatively low noise.

The NX series full size flashes are also pretty decent.

I’ve got basically zero complaints after owning the thing for over a year. That camera has redefined my idea of what a camera should be.

Anyone have any experience with the SunPak tri/monopod. Already have a good tripod but looking for an inexpensive yet decent monopod.

found the Sunpak 30 LED Video Light on a different site for $25 free shipping

was interested but maybe I’ll buy elsewhere !

Fail cheaper at bh

Need to know how you plan on using it. Just for family self-timer pics, fine. For super long lenses that require absolute vibration free conditions, not so good.It’s got to do with mass and materials used. Carbon fiber and wood are the most vibration tree. However, even a cheap tripod that you use is better than no tripod.