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Be careful if you decide to buy, I got the panasonic lumix the last time they had it on woot and not even a month later it starts to malfunction saying it had a zoom error. Would have sent it in for repair but just put it off and the warranty ran out so thats my loss. But im not saying dont buy it just saying be cautious if its refurbished.

Pentax MX-1 is below the price that Sammy’s Camera pays to get this. Woot!, you crazy &@$t@rd$–selling below cost.

Is there any chance we’ll see Nikon optics in a future sale? I’d love macro and prime lenses…

It say new.

I had the sony. It is far superior to the canon sx260 I have now.
Great in low light, and sharp photos.
Video is exceptional!
Sorry I sold it…
Anyone want to buy a canon!

Same issue here! Happened last Tuesday at a concert. No warranty on the refurb so I’m back to my old Sony Cybershot.

The Sunpack 30 LED is currently 24.95 (new) at B&H Photo with free shipping.

Woot that,…

The Pentax MX-1 is a pretty cool camera. It has some competitors with similar specs but they are all going to be about $400. $250 is a darn good deal. This camera isn’t for everyone. The lens is very fast and very sharp, but to get that they had to limit it to a 4X zoom. So if you think a compact camera needs a 10X or 20X zoom, this camera is not for you. The build quality of this camera is really excellent, much better than most compact cameras, but to get that they had to make it a little bigger and heavier. This is a solid little camera. If you want a very small, light compact camera, this one isn’t for you.
If you want a camera that will fit in a pocket or purse and still takes very sharp high quality images, clearly better than the typical compact camera, buy the Pentax MX-1. If you want a really small light camera with a long zoom, buy the Panasonic. You can’t go wrong with either one.

Anyone have thoughts on the tri/monopods?

I ordered this weeks ago, and it never shipped. After contacting customer service twice, it sold out! Nothing like being delayed so long the people who order after you get theirs! I was, however, able to find a better product on a different site for a better price, and it shipped in 8 hours with free UPGRADED SHIPPING! YEA!

This polaroid 9 MP camera was a total junk compared to its price. The sd slot could not even remove or insert a card in it properly. Quality of pictures are worse than pictures taken by ordinary 5 MP mobile phone cameras. I could have bought a better branded camera for the same cost. It’s like a camera made from a tin can.