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Note: SD cards with a class of 4 aren’t fast enough to take HD videos with a lot of cameras (my T3i included).

Don’t tell anyone just how impressive Pentax’s MX-1 camera is. For if they knew, it would simply sell out way too fast.

BTW, I bought one in a previous Woot offering and it has certainly exceeded my expectations.

Apparently there are plenty, since they’ve had this offer for weeks now. Amazon must have a ton of these in the warehouse.

It’s a brand new camera, not a refurb, that takes great photos, at half price. No explanations or excuses, just a great deal.

Totally agree with this. Great little camera with great features and good manual controls. I felt guilty about buying it because I already had an X10 to supplement my DSLR, but I couldn’t pass on the price. Now that I have it I am completely satisfied. In auto it holds its own with the X10’s EXR mode and in some lighting conditions, such as light filtered by tree canopy or bright sun back light, actually does a little better. It also has an HDR mode. The X10 has a menu of great effect features so it still rides in my bag when I want artistic shots, but MX10 comes with me otherwise. Only quibbles are I wish it had an optical viewfinder and a larger sensor. It too big for a pocket camera, but will fit in a coat pocket. This is a great buy on a great camera.

I finally sprang for it, since I’ve had such a great experience with my K-01, and a Q that I ended up returning as redundant a while back. I was looking for a small point & shoot to take with me all the time, and was looking at the MX-1, and the Fuji XF1 at around the same price, but the MX-1’s features and Pentaxy-ness win out. Also, I’d really like to have the tilt LCD this time, if I still can’t have a viewfinder.

I’d love to buy the MX-1. Has Woot offered it with the Silver trim before? I like the looks of that one better.

So did everybody else, that’s why you’re getting the black one for half price. You can pay $400 for a silver one if you like.

Well, the Nikon D5200 isn’t that great of a deal. $200 cheaper than new, but refurbished and with a 90 day warranty. spring for the 1 year of warranty, and you cover $90 of the difference. and it also comes with only the 18-55 kit lens, while amazon has a number of deals for lenses if bought at the same time as the camera.
But the camera is great, so i guess i’ll do my hunting in the regular spots

My MX-1 arrived today, and so far, very nice! One feature I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere, is that one of the sound choices for all alerts (shutter, menu feedback, etc.) is a meowing sound! It makes cat noises! Dang it, Pentax! You’re the best camera company ever! I have a bunch of pictures of my cat looking extra annoyed now. Fuji and Sony need to step up their game big time.

Thanks for the heads up - on the delivery!

I got nothing from Woot but UPS tells me something is coming from Amazon at about 2.5lbs so I figured that it was the MX-1.

Pretty excited!

You should have a tracking number. Look in STUFF YOU BOUGHT and don’t forget to check the evil SPAM/JUNK folders.

Mine was scheduled for Thursday, but got bumped up twice, for some reason. Pretty sure it was from Amazon, and it was definitely 2.5 lbs… Remember to check the settings to adjust the sound RIGHT AWAY. It also takes nice pictures. Very fun and easy to use with a lot of control + RAW. Awesome little camera!

Cat sound review here! [youtube=JZY3lYIBtZ4][/youtube]

I did get the email from Woot! and now it is showing up in the STUFF YOU BOUGHT.

Cant wait for the delivery truck!

Thanks for all that!

Mind sharing which memory card you are using? Many are recommending the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s but some say the 45MB/s is enough and the Pro is overkill…

This will be the first camera with RAW so I will be shooting with that. I don’t really have all that much around me to shoot but the price difference is double between the 95MB vs 45MB.

Thanks for any advice.

I think I have a Toshiba in there now. I’ve also used Transcend and Kingston cards in Pentax cameras with good results. Class 10, 32gb and up will be good to start off. Haven’t tried the Sandisk extremes, so I’m not missing the extra speed, but I’ve read it doesn’t matter much. One thing is that Sony cards commonly give a card error in Pentaxes. I had this problem, and apparently it’s not rare. I read that MX-1’s write speeds are slow, and compared to the K-01, I think it’s true, so don’t think that a faster card will change that enormously (it isn’t bothering me, more pronounced storing RAW low light, than normal shooting).

Thanks again jnjackson13.

I also read that the MX-1 write speeds were slow which is why I was thinking of going with the 45MB/s than the faster card.

Just to use the camera I put in the only large card I had which was a class 4 16GB and am having no problems at all shooting RAW.

Will get the Class 10, 32 GB SanDisk ordered.

Thanks again

Glad I was able to help!