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The pentax Q offered for $249.99 on Woot compares to the same camera on Amazonfor $229.95. 'Sup wit dat?

The Nikon 5200 camera is $600 refurbished, with 3 months warranty, or, on Amazon, $800 new with 12 months warranty. If you value warranty, woot sells you a full year square trade for $90. That means the woot deal apples to apples, is worth $110 cheaper for a refurb. Hmmm…

Not a particularly great deal on the Nikon D5200. They are available on sale new for about that price with a full warranty, and the price point is probably about to drop with the introduction of the D5300 which has built in wi-fi and GPS along with other tricks.

The cameta camera sells for the same price without tax out of new york. Not a great deal though i already bought it

Bought a White Nikon J1 and lens set except Woot (or Nikon?) packed a silver camera and silver 10-30mm lens with a white zoom lens. Not cool.

That would be Nikon or their designated company for factory reconditioning.

I agree that it’s not cool though. You can try Nikon to see if they can swap out parts for you so you get something in all one color. They do carry the warranty.

Or you can email customer service and return the item. As it’s showing sold out, we may not have one to replace it with so it would likely be a return for refund.

Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I would love to know if this is an import or domestic model?

Ive owned the Sony Camera twice.
Sold one and then bought on woot a few weeks ago.
It’s an exceptional camera for a point and shoot. At 189 it’s still a bargain.

Emerson camera is CRAP!! Sucks batteries like crazy - maybe 10 shots before it drains them. Terrible picture quality as well. Should have bought something from eBay or Craigslist. It’s going to Goodwill.

Can of white spray paint? Just make sure you leave the lens cap on.

Pentax Q10 = Bad
Pentax MX-1 = Good

Agreed. Not the best deal but Nikon’s refurbs are top notch, so it’s still money well-spent. I picked up a D5100 refurb and it’s mechanically perfect. A couple of cosmetic blemishes, but they’re very hard to notice.

On a different subject, it’s too bad the EyeFi Pro cards are sold out. Kind of wanted one of those for the RAW transfer ability. Still, the other two are good deals if you’re looking to make your workflow wireless. They’re reliable, if not the most intuitive to use.

As I guy who has spent more than ten years teaching an writing about buying and using digital cameras, let me point out a step that many people miss when looking at cameras:

Take time to really figure out what kind of photos you are most likely to want and then spend more time understanding the specifications of the camera and it’s limitations.

I cannot tell you how many people have told me, “I jus’ wanna take bootiful pictures” or they want the camera for “general photography.” Or the ones with a $150 budget who want to shoot shots of eagles on the local La Crosse bluffs.

As they said in the Army, “Get the right tool for the job!” This is hard work if you have never taken a photo class, but if you have lofty photo goals, there is no artificial intelligence(yet)or magic fairly dust that will make the camera do your bidding.

Digital cameras are still (pardon the pun) developing and some day the person with no interest in the technical side WILL be able to shoot almost anything, but not yet.

You need a basic understanding of what apertures are and how they inter-relate with ISOs an shutter speeds to understand the limitations of the camera and if it will work for you.

Happy shopping!

By that I assume you mean legally sold by a USA distributor who will repair it out of warranty for a price, or “grey market” meant to be sold overseas that the distributor will not repair at any price in the USA?

Please do people a favor and DO NOT donate junk to Goodwill, just recycle it.

The person who buys it for $5.99 will have the same poor results you had, and will be out $5.99. Or they will return it, get a credit and it will be placed back on the shelf for the cycle to continue.

Got the Pentax MX-1 the last time it was offered on Woot a couple weeks ago and really loving it. Great feel in the hands & very nice pics.

I have a lot to learn about the camera still - first time to use RAW, etc…

jnjackson13 helped out with some suggestions (after the sale) and posted this vid *highlighting the ‘Cat Miaow…’ sounds


It is an excellent all around review of the MX-1 (another thanks to jnjackson13) and I had a question about the wireless flash.

I am sure I won’t be getting it anytime soon but wanted to know my options for the future… the reviewer discusses the Nikon flash around 7:17 or so… it goes off with the MX-1 flash simultaneously.

Anyone know which flash he is using? are there other flash options?

thanks in advance

You’d buy them for different reasons. Want interchangeable lenses?

I love my Q10.

There definitely are compromises when going small like that (the sensor pixel density increases, which results in more noise generally speaking) and I have mixed feelings about putting a whole additional set of lens mounts (the Q10 uses something unique, as opposed to Pentax’s long history of maintaining compatibility), but I love the results on automatic, the ability to set a few “quick setting” combinations, and the portability…well, that seals the deal. A very useful camera when circumstances prompt you to avoid a more intrusive honkin-big DSLR or a less flexible portable point n shoot.

Paid more than this deal, and I’m still quite happy with it.

Hopefully somebody who knows what they’re doing will chime in to fill in the blanks, but I believe what he’s doing is “slave mode”, where the off camera flash is reacting to the light from the built in flash? Something like that. There are ways of doing this when you don’t have a hot shoe, I think it’s a function you look for in the off camera flash itself.

Glad I helped, and thanks for making sure everyone knows about the Meow - I know the original Q didn’t do it, and it should be a major selling point for the Q 10/7 if they do. Definitely a unique feature, and another reason Pentax is the best camera company, if you don’t care about full frame!

Since you are part of the staff and seem to be concerned with customer satisfaction, could you look into why I have not been responded to by a customer service representative regarding a return. I have emailed the generic support email three times and have not received a response (except my last attempt to which I received an email and a case # with the assurance to receive a response soon, yet, still nothing). It is really frustrating to have to deal with all of this, and I am sure you wouldn’t want to deal with it either. I just figured maybe some negative publicity to the woot community will get me a quicker response than what I have been trying so far.