Cameras & Accessories

I bought the red Samsung ST72 last time around and am impressed with it as a pocket point-and-shoot. The buttons are all plastic and feel a little cheap, but it is quite thin and for $50 it is very good for those times when you don’t want to worry about carrying around a phone with a camera. Be sure to check for firmware updates as mine had a few.

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As always, it’s hard to go wrong with a factory refurbished Nikon. It is, however, the same price for a refurb D5200 at Adorama, and they offer free shipping.

I always say what a great camera the Pentax MX-1 is when it shows up on Woot. And damn they must have a bunch of those in stock, because it shows up a lot. I bought one and liked it so much that I bought another. Read the Specs page, if you have no idea what all that stuff is, don’t buy this camera. If those specs make you salivate, then buy this camera. It’s designed for people who know about photography beyond how to press the button, and who will appreciate a quality photograph. If you want a 20X zoom, GPS, and wifi, this is not the right camera for you. If you want surprisingly good image quality in a small, very well made compact camera, you will love the Pentax MX-1.

Yes, except you are only getting a 90 day warranty instead of a 1 year warranty. Street price of a new one with free shipping and no sales tax $750. Refurb price here plus shipping and sales tax $650. For a hundred bucks more I’d buy the new one.

I agree about the MX-1. Wonderful camera, bought it here in time to take up north at Thanksgiving. Easy to operate, the bare-bones navigation is easy to figure out. Love being able to take pictures of things as close as 1 cm away from the lens. HDR is amazing technology, takes 3 pictures at once at different exposures, and processes them inside the camera into one picture. Imagine taking a picture of a room with everything well-lit, no dark shadows that lack detail. Great point and shoot, but lots more for those who want some control in how their pictures look. And lastly, you can set its timer to meow at you. How could you not like that?

If you want to pay $90 extra for the extra warranty. It’s the same 90 days otherwise.

Also, a review for the Pentax MX-1:

The main thing was that it was a bit pricey when it first came out, but at $250 it’s a lot of camera for the money, and you won’t find many all-metal builds in this price range.

Sony DEV-3NB Digital Recording Binoculars is simply the perfect way of letting everyone know you are either way too into bird-watching or the neighborhood peeping Tom. Either way, an excellent way to creep out strangers and friends alike.

Which tripod is the better of the two?

Both are decent tripods. Something in tripods you need to look for is weight. For long exposure pictures if your tripod is very light, a breeze will move your camera and mess up your picture. One of them is 6 lbs while the other is 4. something. Also to keep in mind, if you will be hiking or taking it anywhere with you to add that weight on you. After a couple hours walking around you start to feel every lbs on you. lol

They’re both cheap junk. Suitable for light duty casual use only. Not something you would want to carry around and have break at a critical moment. A good tripod costs about 10 times the price of these. But if you are buying one, I would not trust that pistol grip thing and I would go with the old style locking handle. Sure the pistol grip looks cool, but I’m sure it sucks at holding a heavy camera and lens. Might work for a little light compact camera or videocam.

I agree on the tripods, cheap junk! I just bought a sunpak tripod during Black Friday sale and I went to use it last weekend at my daughters bday party and the knob that you turn to set where you want your camera just broke. I turned it waiting for it to get tight and it just broke the PLASTIC piece holding the nut & screw. which reminds me that I need to contact customer service.

That’s the camera I want. BADLY. I wish I could let someone know this without sounding like a hoser