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Anyone have some real world experience with the SunPak Monopod/Tripod?

I am looking for a decent tripod with a video head? Is the panning smooth?

Nuh-uh. Look for something with a “fluid head” for smooth panning.

Most first-rate tripods are sold essentially in two parts, the tripod body and the head.

Considering one tripod will outlast many cameras, spending more than $35 may be well worth it.

Just a word about that $39.95 video camcorder…great fun but it appears the built-in editing software is corrupted. Look to the Aiptek site in Taiwan to get the software.

The format is side-by-side and the screen on the camera shows it. You will have to convert to anaglyph using other software if needed.

It also takes 3D stills, which can be printed and seen in 3D with a viewer or by “free viewing” with your own eyes. Fun for $40!!!

Digital Binoculars look like trouble. In for 2.

OK so I’ve tried ordering cameras from Woot on 3 separate occasions over the past several months and they never get to me.

Are people actually receiving theirs? I’ve tried to order the Panasonic DMC-ZS25 as well as a Pentax MX-1.

Of course I never find out that my order couldn’t be fulfilled until I email them asking where it is…(unthinkable to have their Customer Service actually notify me in advance, I guess)

Either you are ordering after the item has sold out, or there’s a problem with your account. I’ve purchased numerous tech items from Woot with zero problems.

If you miss the deal on Woot, check on Woot Moofi (the last tab over on the top right of this page) or check on Amazon.

Get the Slik U8000. $45 from Amazon, built like a tank, great economy tripod. Sunpak tripods are junk.

Don’t know what the difference between the two Panasonic Lumix P&S cameras are (the 19 and the 25) other than the touchscreen. We have the 19 and absolutely love it. It takes beautiful pictures, has some cool settings, and often takes better pics than our DSLR. We’re not experienced photographers, but are very impressed with the quality from the Lumix. Best point and shoot we’ve ever owned. The zoom is great too!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19K 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera, 20x Optical Zoom, 60p Full HD Video, 3" LCD Touch Screen - Black

is $178.95 on Amazon w/ free ship, making it less. Amazon is also quick to point out that there is a newer version of this camera now available and it is selling for $161.99.

I too am a big fan of Panasonic point and shoot cameras. We have four of them at our house. Panasonic makes really good, user friendly compact cameras that take very attractive photos. Often you can use the photos “as is” right from the camera without any correction of brightness, contrast, color etc.

It’s a little misleading to think that your little Panasonic takes better pictures than your DSLR. It most definitely does not. What you are noticing is the Panasonic takes good pictures in a wide variety of conditions without any fiddling with the camera required. Everybody likes that. You are also probably looking at your photos on a computer monitor at about 80 DPI, or on Facebook at about 50 DPI, and only making small prints, if you even print at all.
Try printing a 16X20 (not at Walmart, at a good print shop) with the best your Panasonic can do, and another with the best that your DSLR can do, after all the fiddling needed to get the most from the camera. Then decide which one takes better pictures.

Probably should have clarified… The Panasonic most definitely does often take better pictures than our DSLR in full auto mode… Granted, our (entry level) Pentax K-x does take nice pictures if you get the settings right (after all the fiddling needed to get the photo right and printing large size at a real print shop). However, as I said, we have limited photography experience, and most often just grab the camera (whichever one) and snap a quick picture in full auto mode. I know the DSLR most certainly has the capability to take photos much nicer than the Panasonic. We’ve just been too disappointed by the quick pictures that have not come out right from the Pentax. The Panasonic wins hands down for us for ‘id!ot-proof’ quick photos.

Took some great night time photos this evening with the Panasonic of the kids playing in the snow. Came out great! Would NOT have wanted to mess with settings on the Pentax in 3-degree temps! But, If I was taking family photos and had the time and comfort to tweak the settings, I’d go for the Pentax.

Now, after all this, I’d recommend shopping around… Woot prices are not the best anymore, and as others have pointed out, you can find the Panasonics (even newer versions) for less elsewhere.

Anyone know if they’ll bring back the Pentax MX1 at $200? I missed out on the last deal!

I wanted to pass on a comment on the Sony DSC-HX20V/B 18.2MP 20x Optical Zoom Digital Camera.

I purchased one the last time it was offered around 6 months ago. I love the camera itself. It’s a nice piece of tech. One word of caution, though: My camera did not come with the separate battery charger base unit as seen in the item photos. When contacted, Woot immediately refunded $20.00 to compensate, which was fine with me for I purchased a charger for about the same amount.

Woot’s refurb source may have resolved this issue since, but any potential buyers should be forewarned.

Thanks a bunch. Good looking out. I’ve yet to receive my product, but I will certainly be on the look out for this discrepancy.

On closer inspection, did woot simply remove a picture that included a battery charger because I only see three photos of the product and none of them has a stand alone battery charger.

Were you referencing the USB cable as the charger?

BE WARY OF WOOT DESCRIPTIONS: I saw your post after I had ordered this camera kit. My purchase also arrived without the charger. [I had captured screenshots (the photo and description) which included the charger.] After 2 promises by Woot to have the charger sent and over 6 WEEKS since it was ordered, Woot tells me that my only recourse is to return the camera for a refund. It’s not the camera that’s the problem; it’s their misrepresentation.