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Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that the purple and green WG-3 cameras are different from the other two WG-3’s. The purple and green ones have a built-in GPS with compass, manometer, and tracking, along with a backlit clock and altitude/pressure indicator on the front of the camera. The regular WG-3’s do not have this (the black/orange).

A typically exhaustive review of Nikon’s 1 J1 from

In short, as far as quality and performance go, they sit somewhere between a point & shoot and a 4/3 format camera. Nikon certainly could have done better with their entry into the ILC market, but at $200 it’s a pretty good deal.

Also, Nikon factory refurbs are excellent. I got a refurbished D5100 a while back, and it has performed without fault for nearly a year now. There are a couple of tiny signs of physical wear only visible when inspected with a flashlight.

There’s a lot of “terminology drift” going on today in the changing world of digital cameras.

Here are some basic ideas.

ALL cameras that display a live image on a screen are seeing “through the lens.”

All cameras with the exception of traditional (digital) single lens reflex cameras are “mirrorless.”

Interchangeable lens compact cameras (ILCs) are NOT DSLRs as they do not have a reflex housing with a real optical image viewfinder. They are compact cameras with lenses that come off.

Bridge cameras that LOOK like a DSLR but do not have removable lenses and have an electronic viewfinder inside a housing are NOT DSLRs.

Generally, a true DSLR will focus and shoot faster, have higher burst rates and more features that most other cameras.

I suppose I should call the 1 J1 an ILC and not “mirrorless” since the latter could also be applied to point & shoot cameras.

“Mirrorless” is acceptable shorthand for “Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera.” If you say “mirrorless” everybody knows what you are talking about.

I have never seen or heard anyone describe a point and shoot as a “mirrorless camera” outside of internet musings about terminology.

Yes, I prefer the term “Compact System Camera” (CSC), but I accept that most people say “mirrorless” when they’re talking about the same thing.

$100 for the Sony DSC-WX80 is a great buy. Recently I spent almost as much money on an older Sony Cybershot camera.

They’re compact and tend to help take great pictures in lower light conditions.

A key point is having the camera available to take the photo that may not be taken if you didn’t have the SLR with you.

And you did take the photo…

…Because the Cybershot was in a little pouch on your belt or in your pocket when you needed it.


The Sony DSC-W730 is a solid deal. I got the 14MP version for my wife a couple of years ago. It takes good pictures for a very inexpensive point and shoot. Definitely recommend.

“Mirrorless” is a new term hyped up by the marketing departments! :wink:

Good point. I get concerned about such things when a person with an ILC shows up in my class for beginner DSLR users. It’s simply not the class they should be taking.

And, way back, a true “system camera” had to have interchanging lenses, finders and viewing screens! Some even could accept a 250 exposure back! But that is now ancient history!

These tripods are really heavy. My aluminum tripod+head (Manfrotto 190XPROB+460MG) is only 4.9 lbs. These tripods do support tons of weight, but I doubt that most people have 30 pounds of head+camera+lens.

Agreed. That is a deal on the DSC-w730. $70? Good stuff. That one also has a Zeiss lens. Without a direct comparison it’d be difficult to say how much difference the sensor makes between that and the WX80.

There wouldn’t be a Zeiss lens on both cameras if they weren’t intended to be good. (And now I’m curious. …ehh but I’m done buying for the day. lol)

I also like the built into the body flash on these Sony compacts instead of a pop up.

I’m sure there would be a benefit to moving the flash further away from the lens. But for me, I don’t use the flash 99% of the time.

Also I’ve also been pleased how the metal casing can get a nice dent and the camera sill works just fine.

I’ll mention that I’ll always go for the models with the Zeiss lenses instead of the Sony lenses sometimes found on variations of their Cybershot cameras.

And I’ll admit I can’t do a side by side comparison… because I’ve never bought one of these with the Sony lens!

Great cameras.

Now if Woot would put a Sony DSC-RX1 on here. The price isn’t right on that anywhere I’ve seen. For the right price, it’d be hard to pass up.


Here are some Q photos I’ve taken over the last couple years.

Here’s a great review of the Pentax Q that got me to buy it:

The thing I really like about the Q is that I carry 4 lenses and the camera everyday in my work bag and it adds about a 16 ounces to my load while taking up the space of 2 cans of soda. With the firmware updates, the focusing is very fast and the picture quality is very good. I still use my DSLR for when I want the ultimate image quality, but since this is so small, I literally have it with me all the time now - and that has meant that if something interesting pops up, I have a great camera with me that’s way more powerful than my cell phone.

Nothing wrong with using an ILC in a photography class, but there’s definitely more variation in how much manual control ILCs allow. More so than with DSLRs. An Olympus ILC I had actually offered more manual control than the Nikon D3100 I traded in.

That’s true - the Pentax Q I have seems much easier to use than the Nikon V1 - it just is easier to get to the adjustments I want.

By the way, I have the Nikon 30-110 lens and it’s really pretty good as long as you have a lot of light. If you buy into the Nikon 1 series, this lens for $100 seems like a really good deal.

The Pentax equal to this lens is the simplistically named “06 zoom” which covers a range of 80-250 with a max aperture of f2.8 so it’s faster than the Nikon, but it’s like $250…

You just sold a Pentax Q.

I’m pretty pumped to see that with an adapter I can use my old 50mm lens from my k1000 that still works.

Noticed there’s a remote control shutter accessory you can find and buy too. Yes please.


its a bad deal for sony cx-230.
sony sell it at ebay for only $129.99, 20 bucks cheaper than woot.

I’ve always thought they were EVIL. Electronic Viewfinder Intrrchangeable Lens…

Actually, it wasn’t a photo class, it was a class for new DSLR owners to learn their controls and understand exposure. It also covered what the cameras can do and wht tey can’t do. Mixing in ILCs complicates the process.

(One time I had a class for beginners with compact cameras and a fellow came in with a camcorder that also took stills with limited controls. He got very frustrated that most of the items taught were simply not found on his “camera.”)

Then there was the “combined reflex and porrofinder.” Spell it out. Just kidding.