Cameras & Crap for Cameras



Will any of these cameras make me look pretty? I have one that makes me look ugly already.


Can anyone recommend one of these, in the $100 range, for taking pix of some jewelry my girlfriend makes. I have a simple “lightbox” set up, but the camera we have now take craptastic macro pics.


The Toshiba X416 camcorder is the one with the bad autofocus that can’t be turned off. It’s been here before. See the reviews on Amazon or from previous woots before purchasing.


I don’t have the model listed here, but rather the Panasonic DMC-zS6 from a previous woot over a year ago, and have to say the macro mode on the Lumix lens works amazingly well and I have no reason to upgrade my point & shoot camera at this time. That said, I only see two reviews over on amazon for this model being sold today, and they’re less than stellar.


The T3i is a great camera, but I recommend saving your money and buying a body-only version. It’s available on right now for $470. You’re better off using the extra $130 on a prime 50mm lens and then buying a macro/zoom lens like the Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM. The 18-55mm kit lens leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s the link for the body only camera.


A: Beauty comes from within.

B: Lighting, make-up and proper colors mean a lot.


Absolutely priceless caption. “We’re dying right now, even as you read this. So spend more time looking at pictures of stuff you already did. That should make you feel better.” A+. Whoever is writing this stuff deserves an award.


Yea, you need to follow the sales stats. Looks like one person bought all of the available EOS SLRs or woot had only two to sell,looks like a schil to me?.. sorry Woot.


Not a great deal on the cleaning kit. $1.95 more on Amazon for the newer Pro version of the same kit.



I bought a Pentax Q with the 5-15mm zoom from another site. I took a chance and was rewarded nicely. Yes it is a point and shoot sized sensor. But you have the controls of a DSLR and it just feels natural. For me going from 35mm and DSLR to it is easy. On a typical point and shoot I am frustrated trying to change settings. Also, people seem less intimidated by it than my DSLR.

On the negative side, $500 is lot of money and would go a long way toward an APS-C sensor camera.


Does anyone have input on the tripods? good deal, bad deal?


Good review.


Swan action camera looks like GoPro but not nearly as good. I got one and shot a segment side by side. Much better image quality and black levels on the GoPro, Sway video does not look HD when you compare to the GoPro, both at the 1080 resolution.