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Other than the new/refurb condition, is there any difference between the Eye-Fi Pro and the Eye-Fi Mobile?

Does the Kodak M583 come WITH the micro SDHC memory card?

Looks like it’s sold out but I don’t see it listed “in the box” on the Specs.

Looks like the Mobile version is for uploading files from your camera to your phone or mobile device. The pro is for uploading to your PC/Mac, and also allows for uploading .RAW files.

Is Micro HDMI same as Micro USB ? Can I use micro hdmi cable to my samsung note ?

They are different:

I got the pro from woot awhile and never opened it. I’m now looking to set it up where I can send photos directly to a wireless printer while on location. Is that possible? Do I need the mobi or can I stick with the pro? Thanks for any help.

Class 6???

Which sale are you inquiring about?

I’m more than a bit miffed the sellout.woot the other day for the K-01 didn’t include the white one and now here it is. I actually even sent in an inquiry if there were any other colors (yellow, I was hoping) laying around. Oh well, I guess black is better for LCD visibility…

Edit: I did get my black one today though and it really does take fabulous pictures.

The pro can do everything the mobi can and more. I have a pro and the ‘wifi’ version. I believe all of them have ad-hoc ability, same as the mobi.

Anyone have any comments on the tri/monopods? I’ve recently gotten a Canon t3 and would like to get a decent starter tripod. Anyone used these or have some pros/cons for them?

I’d go with manfrotto. Might be a little pricey but its worth it.

I always get nervous when my friend borrows my glass then puts her camera body on her plastic, rickety tripod.

Don’t buy this toshiba camera. Woot puts it up every couple months and it’s awful. The auto-focus doesn’t actually work so everything you record is blurry. Check the amazon reviews.

For the money, these aren’t bad — just remember that you pretty much get what you pay for.

That said, I needed a throwaround tripod and recently bought from Woot the Sunpak QSX9502TM selling here. Again, for the price, it’s a surprisingly solid tripod that extends more than 6 feet (which is what I wanted/needed). And I mount a Nikon D200 with a Nikkor 18-200mm zoom and Nikon Speedlight SB-800 flash unit…a pretty heavy combination.

You’re going to always have folks tell you that you need to pop for an expensive tripod — and granted, I do have a big Bogen — but if you remember what you’re using (you can’t, for example, torque down hard to tighten it up when you’re dealing with plastic gears) the tripods sold here will work for most situations. I would, though, shy away from the unit with the pistol grip.

I have a sunpak tripod, and it can handle my pentax k-30 with my 55-300mm lens on it with no problem, this is with the pistol grip head, for the price, it is a great tripod although I have not had it for a long period of time…

My general rule of thumb: take the weight of the camera and lense + attachements you’re using, then double it. The specs in the tripod should be able to handle this, but generally rules out tripods that are limited to 11 lbs. or less.

Oo. Clearly I have a woot problem, given how many of these items I have.

The Pentax Q is a fabulous camera, especially with the 02 telephoto lens. I’ve had gobs of fun with it in the past 6 months, and don’t regret anything. It’s not going to keep pace with a true DSLR, but I only notice that in really low light. Overall the Q has better glass & far more flexibility than anything of remotely similar size. Folks say the best camera is the one you have with you, and this is the first system camera that’s just not a hassle to take everywhere. Remember to update the firmware from 1.01 to 1.10 (very easy download from Pentax/copy to SD card/update thru camera menu), which brings speed & other functions up to par with the Q10. Would definitely buy again.

The Samsung ST201 is pretty nice for a point and shoot. This became the kids’ camera pretty quick, not because it’s low quality by any means, but rather because it’s crazy easy to use and doesn’t require that you carry any special cables/charger/etc. The connector is a standard microusb (nice upgrade from the W series) and it takes a microsd card, which makes things terribly simple.

Sunpak 12 is kinda cheesy, and the light is weak. The plastic construction is flimsy and the clip-on filter is clumsy. Go for the bigger one.

Sunpak 30 otoh is lightweight but solid, very bright with an adjustment/brightness wheel, and the filter is flat and simple. It’s as big as another camera body, but I’m glad I have it. It gets used.

Thanks everybody for all the input on the tripods! Great help from everyone.