Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

I just got my Sony DSC-H300 (from last week’s Woot) today, so I can’t make any useful comments on it yet, other than the “refurbished” camera didn’t have a single scratch on it. Hopefully, the 8522 available functions (more or less) all work. Sadly it doesn’t come with any worthwhile instructions. There is an on-line manual. I guess Sony expects us to install that on a smartphone or tablet if we need to refer to it in the field.

I’ll vouch for the Pentax Q7. I’ve had mine for 6 months or so and I think it’s great. It’s small enough to take anywhere, it takes great photos in good to medium/low light, and gives me DSLR like manual controls. The lens system for the Q is pretty good - this kit comes with the 02 zoom lens, which is roughly equal to a 24-70 in 35mm fov. I also have the 01 prime lens (40mm, f1.9), the 06 zoom (70-200 f2.8), the 08 wide zoom (17-27mm), and the 03 fisheye (17mm, 160 degree). All these lenses are great and including the camera and a couple extra batteries, this whole kit weighs a little more than a pound and fits in a bag about the size of a paperback book.

Here are some photos I’ve taken with the Pentax Q system:

I do have some pretty advanced DSLR’s and the Q is not a replacement for it rather I view it as a complement to my camera system. It’s there when I want/need a better cam than my cell phone, and is great for when a DSLR might be inappropriate or inconvenient.

I was seriously skeptical of this camera system when it was first released - I didn’t think the picture quality would be good enough, I thought it would be too small to be useable, I thought it would be an expensive toy that would gather dust - was I wrong! It’s now my most used camera, the picture quality is really good, and it’s very easy and comfortable to control. Somehow, Pentax has made this camera way better than it’s spec sheet would suggest.

here’s a good review of the Pentax Q system:

here’s a enthusiastic video review of the Pentax Q7:

and an instructional video:

I am tempted by the Fuji T310. This was on Woot a while ago, but at a higher price. On Amazon, reviews are good for it, 3 all very positive. I don’t see any discussion on it on DPREVIEW.COM . I believe this is the same as the T300. I searched on PBASE.COM , searched by camera, and I basically see two sets of pics from this camera. One is a bunch of shots of people hiking out in Arizona and the other set is people celebrating Chistmas. Both sets, indoors & out, seem to have soft (not sharp) pictures. I wish there was more to look at.

uhm… hi. newbie here and i have been lookin for q7 online and saw this much lower price. the products bein sold here are all original right? i haven’t purchased a gadget online yet, just making sure this is real., thanks in advnce

Welcome! It’s the real thing. We don’t sell counterfeit or knock-offs.

woah. and someone replied. ^^
yea, just realized that after reading such a cool FAQs. thanks again!

Interesting that I see this here, the Nabi HD camera offered as a Woot deal, the same day that an order I placed a month ago with Amazon (who owns woot) for the same item was cancelled because the item was now “unavailable”. Pathetic treatment of your customer, Amazon. You leave me hanging on an order for a month promising to ship, then dump the product on your deals site instead of shipping it even though I have a longstanding order. I notice it is now conveniently “sold out” here as well, so I can’t even re-place my order and finally get the products that I was supposed to have weeks ago.

Hey Lance, welcome to my favorite deals site. Yes they’re real as the great moderators like thundertheighs. Have bought a refurbished computer here which turned out to be brand new. The HDD was only two months old. Some very good deals here.

Some very bad horror stories too unfortunately. I’ve bought two items that never arrived. Took woot over a month to refund my money, weeks just to respond. One item came back on sale days after finally refunding my money for being ‘sold out.’ And they won’t take returns unless the item is damaged or not as described so no changing your mind.

Some items aren’t deals at all if you shop around a little. A little unorganized and Customer Service under par but still a very good site. If thats the camera you want, get it quick before it sales out. Very good chance you’ll be happy you did.

order placed. :slight_smile:

i did it. and yea, i’ve read alot of negative things abt woot but, still did it anyway. i think they’re brutally honest firsthand in their FAQs and they don’t intend to fool anyone. now, i just have to wait. let’s see. :slight_smile:

The bang-for-the-buck (well $1.99) winner in this is the Vizio charger and cable set. I got a fistful of these the last time around and they’ll charge everything I have, plus have a micro USB cable for less than dollar store prices.