Cameras: Light Traps

The new version of this camera comes with Lightroom 5. Does the refurb come with any software?

Does anyone have any experience with the Samsung WB1100F 16.2MP CCD Smart Wi-Fi & NFC Digital Camera? Does it connect to any phone with wi-fi? I’m thinking of getting this as a birthday present but she has an iphone, not a samsung phone…

Just a warning that I bought the Samsung EV-NX300ZBAVUS when it was offered a couple of weeks ago and have so far received 2 white cameras (return replacement was also white). Both factory sealed boxes were mislabeled as “brown”, so I find it hard to blame Woot. I’ve emailed Woot so I’m sure they’re trying to figure this out right now. But there is an issue with these cameras that may not have been solved yet.

If you’re looking for this (well-reviewed) camera in white… it looks like Woot probably have several.

Did your NX300 come with Lightroom software? Thanks

My NX300 did not come with the Lightroom software. I also received a white camera but elected to take a 10 percent refund and keep the cam.