Cameras: Memories You Can Save

What warranty comes with the refurbished Sony A3000? Anyone know?

We list our warranties at the bottom of the features. That one is:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Spent a little more and get one of the ones offered with an additional electronic viewfinder (EVF). MUCH easier to use outside.

Be sure to look at the Sony ILCE-3000K. I am a beginning (for the last 30 years) advanced amateur photographer mostly concentrating in medical imaging & have fallen in love with this model. Basically, it’s evolved from the now defunct Konica-Minolta line, a real shame if you realize Minolta was in the photography business since 1928 (see, so if you’ve used any of those cameras, everything falls into place pretty easily. The greatest thing about this camera is PRICE. Even at its retail cost of $400 it’s a good deal. THIS is insanity! Not quite the price of a disposable camera, but LOOK at what you get: 20M images, a GOOD interchangeable lens with more aftermarket options, good exposure control (manual, aperture, shutter priority & multiple program modes), and a decent, (maybe not great) video recorder. And at $200, it’s not going to break the bank if you destroy it or it gets stolen. This is my leave-in-the-car-and-take-with-me-everywhere camera that I use when a cell phone image won’t do. A cell phone image doesn’t most of the time for me. And, when the CAMERA is seen by an unsuspecting photo subject, it just LOOKS serious, like a professional digital SLR. Instantly, the subject gets very serious about the images you take. So guess what: You get great images!

UNfortunately, this is an older model that is being phased-out. See: Sony’s product description for details. It’s autofocus is fast enough for me, but it’s not as lightening-fast as the $2500 models. Fortunately, this means accessories are cheap. I carry the included lens and a 55-210mm zoom e-mount lens with me ($200 off @ around $150 if you look hard) everywhere. With those, I’m set to take stills or video of any but the most specialized shots possible. And you can, too.