Surprisingly good reviews at Amazon and B&H.

In for one to save $100.

does it come with flash or do i have to buy it seperately?

The Canon lens is probably take-off from a kit. A lot of stores buy them as cheaper package deal kits, then split the extra accessories up to sell.

Best way to get decent kit lenses cheap!

I got one of the excellent 18-135 lenses cheap this way as well.

Good deal!!

Which item are you looking at?

Samsung EV-NX2000BFWUS 20.3MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens - White

sucks flash does not come included. They sell it on amazon.

It’s cheaper if you buy it on amazon. it comes with flash. The one on woot does not. Save your money and get it through amazon.

[MOD: Ours has the flash. It’s cheaper.]

Flash is included. It’s mentioned in the Specs and “In the box”.

Oh Sorry. It is in there. my bad. Thank You

No problem. It wasn’t in the features so not real clear.

I don’t get it, the nx200 is two generations older than the nx300 but Woot priced it $80 higher than they sold the nx300 for in recent sales. Best Buy is selling a new nx300 for $399, the same as what some poor sap paid for that refurbished camera.