Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Winemaker Margaret River Chardonnay - 6 Pack

Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Winemaker Margaret River Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Margaret River Chardonnay
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Oak? % malolactic fermentation?

My local wine merchant has this stuff at about the same Woot price if you buy a case. It’s a very decent daily drinker if you like chardonnay. It’s definitely not an over the top oak bomb, and has some nice tropical fruit flavors. It has enough zip to stand up to food, but can also be enjoyed by itself. This wine will not change your life, but is pleasant to drink on a Tuesday night. We tried a bottle shortly before a trip to Mendocino, so have not had any more due to the fact that we came home with a couple cases of Navarro Chardonnay table wine, but we’ll buy some more when we run out of the stuff from Mendo.

Wow, i actually have a bottle of this, but it’s too late right now to pop open to taste. I bought this wine on a different deal site for $8.99 a bottle, so at $7.49 a bottle before shipping it’s a good deal if you want this much Chardonnay.

Description says some malolactic which is where my palate is these days. I like a bit, but not crazy amounts of, the creamy, buttery goodness. No mention of oak.

Margaret River is quite possibly the most amazing wine region I’ve experienced! You can’t possibly go wrong with this!

Here is Cameron’s description (mentions oak) from the link Cesare posted:

We are former wine club members at Navarro, and just received a case of their grape juice (yes, really grape juice) today.

Gary V - Cameron Hughes episode

Cameron Hughes: A Californian Négociant

Thanks to the stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators in Indiana I cannot try this potentially wonderful Australian wine

SmilingBoognish… It makes me smile to see people speaking (rather typing) highly of Mendocino County wines. The county is still young to the wine world relative to neighboring Napa and Sonoma though I feel that many wineries are slowly coming into their own. I grew up not 20 miles from Navarro and have known the Cahn-Bennett family for most of my life. I consistently enjoy their wines, I opened a 2007 Deep End Blend PN recently which was very nice, a few of the prior, select release vintages have been incredible. I’ve always enjoyed their Chardonnays and I believe one of the first wines I tried in this life was a Navarro Gewürztraminer… generally much too sweet for me now though it certainly appealed to my prepubescent inclinations :slight_smile:

I hope you continue to enjoy the chard, I’ll have to stop by and pick some up myself the next time I make it home. Thanks for the nostalgia

I don’t know where you live in Indiana, but if it is anywhere near the southwest side of Chicago, you could just have your wine shipped to me. I would be happy to hold it for a fellow-wooter.

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in for 2. getting close to done purchasing all my wedding wine!

about 15% new oak and about 25% malo…just enough to calm the rather vibrant acidity of Margaret River whites but maintain the breezy style

please note of that 40% of barrels, only 15% is in new oak…which I guess would work out to about 6-7% new oak overall…this is not an oaky wine is my point

Everyone should join the American Wine Consumer Coalition…for too long consumers have been left out of virtually every conversation regarding the regulation of wine at the state level…the Coalition is a new org. started by Tom Wark that seeks to represent the interests of consumers. Join TODAY if you want to stop seeing your rights eroded.

Yeah, that’s the best price I have seen as well…not sure how they do that :-)…however, remember, its $8.99 PLus shipping which is $20 east coast and $30+ west coast…this price is only $7.49 and $5 shipping which is a way sweeter deal

I too live near Chicago and would happily hold the wine for any Indiana wooters. I just ordered a 6 bottles myself.

Thanks for stopping by Cameron. Yes, this is a very nice deal.

If you want to drop some Lot 200 here at Woot, we wouldn’t mind :slight_smile: