Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Winemaker Margaret River Chardonnay - 6 Pack

Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Winemaker Margaret River Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Cameron Hughes 2008 Flying Margaret River Chardonnay
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Not sure he flies (I think I’ve heard he does), but is he truly a “winemaker?” Should this wine be branded “Flying Re-Labeler?” or “Flying Re-Bottler?”

Where does the river fly, Cesare?

God forbid WD would put an offer on here I would buy!

Sheesh, BZ wouldve been nice. But I already have plenty of it!

Quite good. If I didn’t already have a case in the cellar…I’d be in.

For the most part he is a Bottler, but they do some blending too. He has a winemaker on staff.


Bought this the last time it was up. You can’t beat it for this price.


Any notes on whether this is closer to buttery oak style or fruity stainless steel style?

They do say that there’s some French oak, but then confuse me by listing citrus notes…

1 case for me and gifted one for my lovely bride. At $7.91 a bottle shipped, this deal deserves to come to my house for dinner. Thanks WD for some bargain chards!

I didn’t take notes, but this one leans much more towards the bright, stainless steel style. Very crisp and refreshing with tropical fruits. It’s going to make a great summer refresher here in Texas.

To top it off, my Woot shipment came with a 20% off all Cameron Hughes wines coupon which I took advantage of to get some of their new Havens releases.

As Havens went under, how do they make new havens stuff?

Hot tub time machine?

No, they bought the 2008 Havens juice in barrels and are releasing blends of it now. So the 2008 releases have more tinkering than the 2007 that were sold by CH in shiners. For instance, the 2008 B&B Cameron Hughes just released was blended with a little Grenache not from Havens (3% I think)

Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for. In for one for the rumored hot NYC summer. :slight_smile:

So are we saying they use steel barrels or oak barrels but it tastes like steel barrel wine? I prefer steel vs oak for my white wines.

I have ordered several chards from WW in the past, none of them have been above average. Is this worth it? Love good chards!

Here is the exact breakdown I found on the CH website:

I didn’t take detailed notes, but the result of this to me was a full mouthfeel which retained a crispness without the super buttery taste some California Chards are known for.

You up next???

This has been a great Woot-off so far - for my wallet! :smiley: