Cameron Hughes Lot 62, 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack

Cameron Hughes Lot 62, 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Lot 62, 2006 Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Oh my - looks like one to cellar. Drinking window?

It does say “now through 2013,” but when will it peak? Now sounds very young, and 2013 sounds as if it may just be warming up.

What was the temperature of fermentation?

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Is this a first? A bulk/discount wine selling on a discount wine site?

Cameron Hughes makes some good stuff, but I thought they had their own marketing machine to handle selling “lots” that couldn’t be sold as anything else.

Google Taking Advantage of the Wine Glut and see the WSJ as to why this is a surprising sale to me.

They are a negociant, but they aren’t known only for discount wines. Unless you mean that this Woot is a discount.

Then again, I don’t buy wine at Sams’ Club or Krogers…

I usually get the feeling that any decent Cab is best in the 10ish year range, and it’s a sin to open it early, but I wouldn’t know from experience as my cellar is way too young and I am too impatient a drinker.

but doesn’t red wine get better with age indefinitely?

googling the question: “Long Term (10+ years) - Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Port”

while on the subject, any advice for long term cellaring of wine?


I think this is currently available for a lot less in ca. Maybe somebody can corroborate

They wholesale out a big chunk of their wine to Costco and Sam’s Club so I don’t see why this is any different. Plus they were just on here in December so you shouldn’t be too surprised.

I’ve bought some great wines from Cameron Hughes, although a lot of those were the Havens releases they had (especially the 179 which I bought 4.5 cases of)

I meant to say Costco ca

That’s for traditionally made cabs. The alc content (14.5%) and the region (Australia) leads me to believe this is not and thus, should not be cellared for so long. As a fruit bomb fan, they are not built to age (IMO). Which, by the way, is absolutely ok (again, IMO).

Agree with above thoughts, interesting to see Cameron on here. The latest offerings have been good but not as great as they used to be (lot 136, the napa meritage, and stags leap cab being exceptions).

this was on sale for $33/six-pack (search google) not long ago.

there’s too much good wine out there with similar pricing and brand labels.

If they are a pure négociant merchant, than they buy grapes/wine from others at discount prices, slap a label on themselves and you and I get good juice a cheaper prices.

My favorite négociant is 90+ Cellars, but I am kinda upset that I will never know what I am actually drinking.

Nor do I, but by their own admission: “As a modern international négociant, we partner with top-tier wineries around the world, buying and contracting their ultra-premium wine to sell at very affordable prices.”

How is that not a bulk/discount wine? Are you arguing semantics here? I’m not knocking it, they sell some decent wine, but it IS discount wine.

I apologize I must have missed the Dec offering.

It varies tremendously. There are some cheap Cabs that won’t last beyond a few years, but the best ones (especially in the old world style) can go for decades.

Here we have a Cab marketed as “ultra premium,” but from a seller that markets a wide range of wines. The description doesn’t sound fruit-bomby, and the alcohol is high but not ridiculously so.

So what I’m saying is, I’m just not sure what this is.

Absolutely not. Some wines do well with age, but not all. And they have prime drinking windows which are based on personal taste, but they certainly can’t age indefinitely.

If you have wines that need to age, temp around 55 decrees f and relatively high humidity should stay constant.

Red ageing depends on the style of the wine. This is ripe, extracted warm weather Cabernet which will not age as well as a classic restrained Cab, or (French) claret. If Cameron Hughes says it’s drink by 8 years, that’s probably right. Some say the good but ripe wines of Caton are “drink up by about 8 years of age” too.

It will depends on your taste, but it sounds as if these are for drinking now, and if to your taste, you’ll easily finish them within 3 years.

Do a search i the woot search box for cellar and the like… there has been much discussion!

Not intentionally - I hate arguing semantics. I’m just trying to find out if this is a “gotta discount, or we can’t sell it elsewhere” cab, or an attempt to show off something finer.

I’m not expecting Corison or Ty here. But I could use some nice Cabs, while I have had too many “table Cabs” lately.

How does the temperature of fermentation relate to the drinking window? It looks perplexingly unrelated to the casual observer.