Cameron Hughes Mixed Red Pack (6)

Cameron Hughes Mixed Red 6-Pack
$44.99 (Normally $79.00) 43% off List Price
Lot 224 - 2009 High Valley Lake County Syrah
Lot 258 - 2010 Mendoza Malbec
Lot 291 - 2010 Lodi Zinfandel
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Good luck finding winery and vineyard info - Cameron Hughes’ sources are closely guarded secrets. They get great wines and great grapes from great winemakers’ surpluses and they’re sworn to non-disclosure.

That said, I’ve tried this Lot 258 Malbec and it is pretty spectacular despite the reviews in CT. (I originally said it was supposed to be - had to double check with a friend if it was indeed what I tried once.) Haven’t heard anything of the others.

Hmmm… I got this deal straight from Cameron Hugues about 3-1/2 weeks ago for $49.00 shipped (FedEx) to NY City.

I haven’t tried any of them yet; drj48 (a good friend) spoke highly of them and I figured at $8.17/bottle delivered, it wouldn’t hurt.

I’m intrigued by the descriptions, but has anyone tasted these?

Excited to see Cameron Hughes on here. Tasted some of their wines previously and came away impressed, both with the wines and their business model. I’m in for a set.

Great wines - always a solid choice. Love that he produces different varietals with out-sourced grapes. Costco in San Diego always has a few different bottles on hand. The Lodi Zin and Carneros Pinot’s are always awesome, and at a steal of a price.

Never been unsatisfied with Cameron Hughes, and this is a pretty solid deal considering what they charge at Costco

I’ve had great luck with Cameron Hughes wines, but did do research on them before pulling the trigger.

These are the ones I’ve tried and have been very happy with:

Lot 283, 300, 303 (these Napa/Stags Leap cabs all kick butt!), Flying Winemaker Chardonnay (Santa Barbara), Flying Winemaker Tempranillo (Spain), and a 2005 Napa Meritage.

I’m 100% positive the High Valley Lake Co. Syrah is from Brassfield Estates who typically makes good wines.

I’ve been buying Cam Hughes wines on and off since Lot 16. I’ve never been disappointed and occasionally I’ve been amazed. Great QPR. The zin is particularly nice.

Could you try a bottle now and let us know?

We always love the Flying Winemaker Zin from Cameron Hughes. It used to be carried in local grocery stores, but now we can only get it online.
Definitely going to give these other varieties a try.

I couldn’t help it, good input from everyone along with a nice price point, I had to pull the trigger! I’m in for two! Now I’m up to FOUR cases in my “Wine Cellar”…all from wine.woot! Maybe I’ll call it my Wine.Woot Cellar! :wink:

I bought this pack a while ago from their website. They called it Olympic reds. The Zin is a favorite of my wife. I liked the Malbec and Syrah as well.

just ordered my first wine.woot to new jersey!! thank you for freeing the grapes!

those first three are all outstanding wines and great deals. I buy the bulk of my wine from CH (I have probably 100+ CH bottles), have tried dozens of his wines, and I am very rarely disappointed.

If you are new to his wines and where they come from, etc - I would say A) go check out his website - it’s pretty cool how they source the wines and B) go for it on this woot. These three wines aren’t available in their webstore anymore - I’m assuming that they are just trying to move them to make room for new wines - so you are getting a good deal on wines that are already a great value!

ps - watch a few of the videos on chwine where he samples each wine (esp the cabs). there is a lot of grunting/moaning, which is usually followed by a really great review of the wine.