Camillus Les Stroud SK Mountain Survival Knife

Country of Origin?

If you put Les Stroud’s name on this knife. It better be nigh indestructible.


I have this knife! It’s . . . fine!

All the survival crap on the sheath is total junk, but the knife itself is my yard work knife. It’s just fine for the things where I wouldn’t want to risk destroying a good knife.

This is a great, for a under $100, survival knife, designed by a real survivalist. They are not emphasizing the importance of the small led light, fire starter stick, and para-cord that is integrated into the sheath. The light and fire starter are the lime green extensions atop the knife slot. The led light is small and will not light up the campground; however, it will light the trail in the dark or find that missing item in your backpack. Also, the top of the knife is notched for use with the fire stick, why dull your knife when starting a fire. This is not a small pocket knife, it is for serious work when you need to get serious. At under $23, I am in for three and thinking about four more for my children so I can keep another.
This is my go-to knife when backpacking unless I am really going ultra-iight.
Don’t hesitate to buy one or more, this is an outstanding survival or camping knife for the money.