Ca'Momi Bianco di Napa (6)

Ca’Momi Bianco di Napa 6-Pack
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2015 Ca’Momi Bianco di Napa, Napa Valley, Corta Bottle

I ratted the '14, here’s the link to that discussion from last December. I’d completely forgotten, but a prompt from our Staten Island correspondent jogged my memory. As I recall the one I got wasn’t in their new bottle yet. I think it’s kind of cool-looking.

Here are some notes on the '13, from June of last year.

So sorry I’m late with my notes. I feel bad but I need to be honest.

2015 camomi Bianca de napa

First impression is the shape of the bottle. I am by no means a traditionalist but did not care for bottle shape. Reminded me of a Gallo or other cheap wine. Short cork…

Color: golden yellow.
Nose: faint smell of wet cardboard. Suspect wine may be off. Not getting fruit or much. Wife said musty smell.

Taste: astringent, lacks fruit, or personality. Not good.

Wife agreed. Could not finish bottle :slightly_frowning_face:


umm wet cardboard can only be a corked bottle.

That’s what I am thinking…

He may have been smelling his own natural scent over the wine. I kid!, I kid!
Probably corked.

Leave it on the counter another three days and Ron will swing by and say it’s great. Just like kyles priorat last time.

Sorry for the late rattage - seems even rats get their swan song …

Bianco di Napa 2015

Pop and Pour Impressions

Color: Straw

Nose: Lychee, apricot, a little menthol/alcohol

Taste: maybe Riesling- though dry, like a combination of Albarino and Riesling. Reminds me of Triacipedis. Would be a refreshing summer deck wine.

Live in Tennessee. Just tried to order and was denied based on state I live in. How accurate is the info on state shipping?