Camp Chef 120-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Screen

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Camp Chef 120-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Screen
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, Mar 18 to Friday, Mar 21) + transit
Condition: New


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1/23/2014 - $149.99 - 25 comment(s)

Slightly bigger, but you get the idea

It sounds like such a fun idea – your own outdoor movies. Somewhat reminiscent of drive-ins of yore. Then I look out my window at the ongoing blizzard. sigh
It’s never going to end is it ?

Why do you taunt me this way Woot ? Why ?

Bad info on specs. The most important,… what kind of material is the screen? Siver, white, ,what’s the gain of the screen. Good screens give you those specs. Like 1.5 gain. Silver for 3D, etc. Why aren’t they telling? Cheap, I guess

Per the company’s website, it would appear it has a 1.1 gain. It does not mention the color of the screen, though does note that it is “made of an oxford nylon reflective material for high-resolution imagery and enriched colors.” Take that as you will.

Forget gain… I was paying more attention to the wrinkles the screen has in the picture. That would drive me crazy.

I actually bought this last time they had it…pretty awesome screen. The wrinkles disappear when you tighten the straps. I actually cut most of the legs off to fit it in my man cave…and everyone loves it.

How big /small is this when taken apart. stored moved? How portable

OK, so I am thinking of setting up a bargin outdoor theater.

So the Camp Chef Screen $150 (don’t have a good wall to use)
Sony Home Theater for sound and video source $140 on Woot Plus.
BenQ Short Throw 3500 Lumen $199 (currently sold out on Woot Plus).

Any opinions out there that might help me?


Depends on your screen size and location. If you want a truly large screen then get the highest native format possible. If this is something to just dabble in and you are ok with crappy quality then it is what it is.

That BenQ was first made in 2009 and a whole lot has happened in the market between then and even a bargain projector that first shipped in say, 2012.

When you get to massive screen sizes the more pixels the better. something with a native screen resolution of 1920x1080 with good smoothing can make even a standard def image look pretty good in a large format where a blu ray on that BenQ may look questionable.

Furthermore the BenQ is going to be decent in non light controlled environments. So, if you want to watch something with a lot of ambient light around and see it so so… it’s pretty good. If you are looking at a man cave / light controlled or even outside on a dark night it’s overkill on the lumens and underkill on the definition.

Clarification please:

The picture and the description show a roll down black screen for rear projection. However, the Camp Chef site clearly states that the 120 inch is the ONLY one that DOES NOT support rear projection.

I love my outdoor projector screen. Mine is DIY and only cost $20 in materials.

Here’s the product page. It says it allows for rear projection.

*A back cover blocks ambient light and folds down when rear projection is desired. *

PS: Some extra specs have been added about the screen quality, gain, etc.

We got this screen in the January deal for movies outside during the summer. We used it for a slideshow in February and it worked great. We are very please with the purchase. The wrinkles are from it being folded but do not stay, at least in ours. It is pulled pretty taut. It comes in a fully zipped carrying case and each piece is held in by elastic bands so they are not clanking around. The screen is not white, but it is not totally silver either. The case is probably 3.5ft long by 5ish inches.

@LostJulyMusic What did you use for your screen material?

Just curious how you made it and what the materials are. Been thinking about setting up a backyard “drive-in” for a while and $20 is better than $150. is it something you can easily put away without needing a lot of storage space, or does it not collapse to a smaller size at all?

I’m looking to get a screen for indoor use only and I’m not going to make it myself.

Is this a good deal or are there comparable ones better suited for inside?

I purchased an InterDesign EVA Shower Liner on Amazon Prime for like $12. The key is the FROST “color”. This will allow for rear projection if needed.

The storage is simple since it rolls up. You can use anything from PVC, which would break down easily, or create a wooden frame, whichever suits your needs. There is a how-to Youtube video that uses that exact shower curtain, it’s a great DIY project that will save lots of money.