Camp Chef Curved Portable Movie Screen

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Camp Chef Curved Portable Movie Screen
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5/10/2017 - $119.99 - Click To See Discussion (10 comments)

Does anyone remember that giant blow up screen from eight or nine years ago? It had the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man on it? Only like one guy bought it? Anyone?

I wonder whatever happened to that dude…

Curved screen? Why, so either the center or the edges will be in focus? Why on earth would you want a curved projection screen? Seriously.

When using a projector I look for the least flat surface to project upon, ensuring my image not be square or equally in focus… Brilliant!

I own a Camp Chef 144 inch (12 feet) non curved screen. I bought it for a price I’m quite ashamed I paid for it (at least $150 more than today’s deal).

That being said, I’ve used it about 10+ times now, and what I paid for it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’ve used it at home, at friends’ houses across state lines, I even used it indoors at a music function. No matter where you use it, you look like a hero, a rock star. It’s fairly easy to put together (They label the pieces so it’s easy). Putting it back in its case is a little more complicated, but you want to take the time so it lays flat. Erecting the screen takes all of 10-15 minutes with a friend. Alone is a little more complicated, but I have done it.

I don’t normally screen in windy conditions, but I still stake it. I don’t use the extra braces… but it’s nice that they’re included.

Once it’s up and your projector is set up and it’s dark enough out, the murmurs start. People are in awe of it. The screen is perfectly bright. Sometimes there are creases in the folded screen, but as the night goes on, you don’t see them anymore. You just see a brilliant image (dependent on your projector, of course… I use a 1080p BenQ projector that works brilliantly).

Just one tip… if you’re going to screen movies at a friend’s house, don’t hand her the projector case when you’re putting everything away and then show her an Eli Manning jersey you forgot was in your trunk, especially if she doesn’t like the Manning brothers… even Cooper. Thankfully, the projector survived the drop. :nerd_face:

Can I bend this straight?

Probably - but only 1 time

A curved screen ensures uniformity as the light hits the screen, the light has to travel farther out to the screen edges than it does to the center.

Almost every commercial theater has a slight curve on the movie screen.

In reality a projection set up is the only time having a curved screen is worth it. Paying extra for it in a TV has no benefit other than looks.

How is the durability of this thing? I’m worried about the supports breaking after reading some of the Amazon reviews.

A curved screen can be great for a projector.

Keyword: can. But not in this case.

A curved screen is used (as mentioned before) to keep brightness more even…WHEN USING AN ANAMORPHIC LENS.

Anamorphic lenses change the aspect ratio, it’s for cinematic viewing of a wider aspect ratio. You stretch the image digitally vertically first to remove black bars, and use the lens to correct the width. This in combination with a curved screen results in a better image.

This screen is not the right aspect ratio for an anamorphic lens. Thus, the screen is entirely pointless as is and only worth buying if you can straighten it. If you use it with a regular lens, the corners will be larger than the center and you’ll have a reverse fish eye effect.

Blackout fabric remnant off eBay + a PVC frame made from the plumbing aisle of Lowes… $30

I bought a screen-only (no frame, but the screen has grommets) for about $30 direct from China.) No sure if it is exactly the same, but a person handy with wood might get by just fine.

Has anyone tried this screen with a LG brand UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector? I see it can also be used as a rear projection screen if the panel is removed.

He looks pretty for Michelin now

I’m pretty sure the curved screen allows for cross-dimensional paralux. Depending upon the projector, you can either watch a 3-stooges movie, or be transported to the year 1836…

My Camp Chef screen, while not curved, has had great durability. As long as you don’t abuse it, it’s been great for the past two years.