Camp Chef Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

I bought one of these as a gift and assembled for the recipient. I couldn’t remember if it had a probe socket on the panel so I called them to check and was told it does have one, although he didn’t use it on its first-time use. I believe he used another external thermometer he had. I did see the oven temp probe mounted on the left side of the interior so that one is hard-wired. So far he likes the grill but he says he need a few uses to learn how to use it properly. He has been smoking with a charcoal kettle grill and it is very different. I am looking forward to tasting the results soon.
EDIT:Sorry, I just saw the problem, the picture shows X and Y probe sockets but some panels have only one socket. I’ll have to check myself the next time I am over there. I don’t remember what it has now. I know the probe temp button has only two positions, locked in or out, so it might be one-holer.

Way late reply, but I got a credit.