Camp Chef Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

Camp Chef Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

I own this same Camp Chef Smoker… Outstanding grill! The reason I bought Champ Chef over one of their competitors is the sear box add-on. This is a great price as well. I paid $500 for mine last Summer. Here’s the Amazon link for the Sear Box:

BBQ Hardo here. If you want a quality pellet smoker, look to Yoder or Blaz’n Grill Works. It will run you 3-4x the price, but they’re laughably superior smokers.

Provided you know what you’re getting, this is a fine product for the price.

I purchased one of these last time it was offered, and it was great timing as I was shopping for one of these exact models. It is a really great pellet grill, and this price is a hundred bucks cheaper than anywhere else I had looked. My son already owned one, with the sear box, and he loves it. I previously owned a Traeger Bronson that I had gotten to try out pellet smoking. This one holds temperature much better. Just a couple days ago I smoked a brisket on it and everyone loved it.

When it came, it was well packed and in perfect condition. Note that the picture shows 2 temperature probe inputs, x and y, but mine and others only came with one. But honestly I have never used even the one probe, I prefer using Tenergy Solis bluetooth probes (that I also bought on Woot).

A con is that this one and most I have read about do not hold temp very well if it is opened up, more expensive ones might do better. But if you limit the time you have it open, it does quite well. Also you can pay more and get more cooking area, which would be nice.

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I’ve seen electric smokers and gas smokers. I’m guessing that this one is gas (propane) as it says that it has an igniter. So that being said, it should be usable as a regular gas barbecue as well as a smoker. Right? I do like the sear option, but it is a bit pricey at $200.

This runs on wood pellets, not propane. It likely does not get hot enough to sear a steak (without the sear box add on) to use as a regular grill.

That’s a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. Of course those are superior grills, and they should be for $1.5K. This Camp Chef is a perfectly capable grill and can make some very nice BBQ in the hands of a capable person.

For folks that own one of these or similar pellet grill, how does it compare to a gas grill? Does it get as hot, and does it heat up as fast? Mainly interested for the smoker, but don’t want to sacrifice the grilling. Thanks!

The primary benefit of a pellet smoker is maintaining a tight temperature range without operator interference, which gives consistency to your meat. The trade-off is a less intense smoke flavor. If that tight range cant be held, which is highly common for lower quality smokers, then that benefit disappears.

As I previously stated. “Provided you know what you’re getting, this is a fine product for the price.”

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I have the cabelas branded camp chef 3 years and love it… i smoke almost every week and have blackened chicken at 500°f on it
I would suggest a “pellet smoke tube” for more smoke flavor… I have used a Rec-tec smoker also ($1200) and would put my grill right up there with it… temp swing has alot to do with outdoor conditions… im un the midwest and smoke all year round… in the winter i cover my smoker with a welding blanket… I also own a ole hickory pit smoker (Tri-convection $5000).
The quality for the price is unbeatable and results of food are amazing… the “temp swing” is not a huge problem as it creates “smoke bursts” +/- 10°F
I also recommend the jerkey recks… Triple you grill space


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I have the Browning model of this Camp Chef smoker which has a stainless steel lid and came with the attachable front rack. MSRP was $700 and I think Woot! had it for around $500 at the time. It does NOT have the optional sear box. I have a Weber Genesis grill to use for grilling. I use this for smoking only. I would not recommend purchasing this with the intention of grilling things like steaks or burgers. You can get some nice smoke flavor doing a reverse sear (google if you don’t know it) but this is a smoker not a grill.

I am in my 3rd season with this smoker and if it died today it would have been worth the purchase price. I added the jerky racks and I use them for everything (I don’t smoke on the main grates) for less direct heat. Pellet smokers don’t normally produce a lot of smoke so I use a smoking tube for additional smoke. The one I got is stainless steel and expandable (was new anyway) by A-Maze-N. A full expanded tube will get you 6-7 hours of smoke. Don’t forget a propane or other high flame method to light the pellets in the tube. I highly recommend a dual probe wireless thermometer. The smoker comes with one but IMO it is not accurate enough.

TL;DR = You can’t beat the convenience of this smoker. Big hunks of meat are almost set it and forget it and cleanup is a breeze with the ash cup. If you’re in the market for a pellet smoker buy this. You will not be disappointed.

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100% agree… the pic of the chicken and brats was a test and it can be done but this is a smoker in my eyes and not a grill

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Battery or 110 power source?

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Why is the warranty 1 year one woot but other sites for this model is 3 years?

It’s 110 volt, not battery.

The electricity is used for three functions: 1), driving the auger that feeds pellets to the burn pot; 2) the electronics that monitor temperature and control the speed of the auger to maintain the desired temperature; 3) to power the glow plug that starts the fire when the cooker is turned on (but which is not used once the pellets have started burning).

The cooking heat is provided by the burning oellets, not by gas or electricity.