Camp Chef Outdoor Oven with 2-Burner Camping Stove

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Camp Chef Outdoor Oven with 2-Burner Camping Stove
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I have this oven. Paid about 25 more for it (on sale) but it rocks. People that camped with me still talk about this “easy bake” oven. The two burners on top work really well and you can cook anything that will fit in the oven just like if you were at home. Do yourself a favor though, get one of those small folding tables to set it on and get the carrying case for it. If anything, it’s great for emergencies and a mr heater hose will work if you want to connect it to a larger tank.

Have used this stove for several years at our off grid property where we camp and love it. Paid the same $150 at Costco but they no longer carry it.

In typical Costco extras fashion, ours also came with an excellent full top griddle that makes wonderful pancakes.

We see it sold at $199 but never “$249”.

While bulkier than a cooktop only model, it is still compact and light weight. Would definitely buy again.

BTW, we have an adapter hose to run full size 20 lb propane tanks but have never felt the need to since the 1 pound tanks last pretty long.

Own this and LOVE it! Definitely bulky but creative packing of cooking implements inside helps with space. Igniter on one of the top burners no longer works but a handheld candle lighter works fine. More important to have level than a basic 2 burner stove.

If I didn’t already have a bunch o’ coleman white gas stoves, stove-top coffee maker, and stovetop oven, this’d appeal to me. I guess I’m hooked on those old school appliances.

Any table you would suggest? Saw a few but they put the cooktop at almost shoulder height.


Lifetime makes a nicely built table that is height adjustable to three different levels. I’d guess the surface top is something like 20 x 40 inches. Perfect for this stove + prep surface.

We got ours at Costco for about $30-40. But of course Costco has the reputation for offering products and dropping them so some searching might be necessary. SAMs seems to more consistently carry Lifetime tables, but I don’t recall whether they’ve had this model.

If your car camping mode does not support bringing a table like that, it would be easy to rig up a table using two upside down 5 gallon paint buckets with a strip of plywood across them. Packs compactly and the buckets can carry gear.