Camp Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven With 5-Piece Bonus Kit

Can this be adapted to natural gas?


After checking the company website and the instruction manual, it does NOT state anywhere that a conversion can be done, so it’s mighty doubtful.

It’s just a matter of changing the orifice, so if it’s accessible… You may be able to just drill the orifice too, but the company has to OK that I would say.

I have this oven, and generally like it. Downside is capacity. It is a little small. If you custom make your own personal pizzas to size, then you can do two like shown in the picture.

If you use pre-made dough, or try to do take and bake pizzas, you may be out of luck.

Getting the “right temp” of pizza stone is a bit of an art. It is really easy to burn your crust because the stone is rather thinnish…and the burner is close to the stone.

So you have to watch, rotate, and pick up the pizzas to get extra heat on top (from the curved top) without burning the crust.

Don’t get me wrong…I love having this thing on my patio, I just wish a few of the shortcomings were taken care of.

FYI: We’ve added a link to the manual in the features.