Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smokers - Your Choice

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smokers - Your Choice
Price: $439.99 - 459.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5business days (Thursday, Dec 10 to Tuesday, Dec 15) + transit
Condition: New


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11/10/2015 - $439.99 - 459.9 - Click To See Discussion (47 comments)

Camp Chef PG24LTD
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Bought one on woot a month ago & Love it!! Amazing works perfect!

I had been drooling over the brand in Costco for a while & ready to jump on this one, however the shipping damages reported last time this was on woot is giving me second thoughts…

Bought one as an early Christmas present for my husband and roasted/smoked the absolutely best Thanksgiving turkey ever. Actually made 3 birds- one on the camp chef cannon infuser, one directly on the smoker grate, and one traditionally in the oven - for a bit of a taste and succulence comparison. Smoked birds vastly ruled, this in spite of having a long history of family proclaimed delicious and tender birds my usual way.

No shipping issues for us, and easy assembly with my 12 year old.

Worth it. Truly amazing. Also smoked a brisket a few days later, which was remarkable too. I’ve not tried other things yet, but the speed of cooking the 13# turkey to perfection in TWO hours (after getting to temp), suggests I can use this to roast chickens on weeknights, potentially!

(Oh- the cannon infuser is fabulous too - I infused reiseling but beer or other would work).

Bought the LTD version when it popped up on Woot a month or so back, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I know a lot of people have mentioned damages during shipping, but I didn’t even have a hint of a problem with any dented panels or broken pieces.

The first night I received the unit, I christened it with a 14 pound brisket and two racks of baby back ribs (which the grill accommodated nicely, although there was little room for anything else). After the brisket had been on for 8 hours, I wrapped it and added the ribs, and 6 hours later, I had succulent, fall off the bone baby backs, and the juiciest, most tender sliced beef I’d ever tasted. Since then I’ve also smoked the best Thanksgiving turkey I’ve ever tasted, and again, the grill performed like a champ.

I should mention that the grill goes through pellets a little faster than I’d expected. I’d heard that on high smoke (220 degrees), the unit would burn through about half a pound of pellets per hour, but mine seemed to burn closer to a pound per hour. I’m sure smoking on the low smoke setting (180 degrees) would yield results closer to the half pound per hour mark.

I think I’ve pretty much put the grill through its paces at this point, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

I bought this grill several weeks ago from Woot in the last offering. Box and Grill arrived damaged (number of dents, loose pellet hopper, clean out lever stuck/damaged and legs that did not fit properly). Contacted Woot and received little satisfaction. Woot offered $46 credit (really???) or ship it back. Explained the box was damaged and would be hard to get it back to them. Grill quality is just OK. If you want to buy a pellet grill consider going to local store. This item weighs around 140 pounds, shipping is a challenge. But when/if it arrives damaged Woot’s customer service is marginal at best at helping out the customer. I was excited to order this grill but now wish I had not wasted my money. Still trying to resolve this issue with Woot.

Update from Woot on my credit offer and question of how to ship back grill in a very damaged box…here’s the response from Woot.


I understand your concern.

However $20 is the highest amount we could offer as partial refund.

We can issue an RMA with a prepaid return label and you can return it for a full refund. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

Woot Member Services

pj: I’m contacting CS to see what we can do.

Bought one earlier this year without the bells and whistles. Huge, heavy box, arrived damaged, dented but seemed ok to use. Woot offered a refund if I shipped it back. Unfortunately I didn’t save all the shipping material making a return all but impossible.

I used the grill for a while, but the damage in shipment caused the auger to eat itself, creating a melted metal slag in the pellet cup. Camp Chef to their credit sent me an entire new hopper/auger/control setup and I swapped it out.

It works ok, but doesn’t smoke a whole lot on high smoke. It smokes more on low smoke. So I start low and switch to high.

This is a good “beginner” set it and forget it smoker. For the price, this one seems ok because it’s got more bells and whistles than the super basic one I got. Guts seem the same though.

I’d recommend it, just don’t accept the shipment if the box is damaged or any pieces of the grill are sticking out.

I had the exact same experience as pjhutchings. Mine arrived dented, warped, and scratched to hell. I, too, was offered $46 (roughly 12%) as a refund for what was sold as a brand new smoker. I tried to explain that the options given did not make sense for the situation, and that getting the smoker back to them (repacking) would be virtually impossible. I’m very dissatisfied with how everything went down with Woot on this one. And they told me they didn’t have another smoker to send me for a swap (because I ultimately didn’t want to end up with no smoker if I did send it back). Yet, here they are again. I’d be careful about purchasing this item.

Bought one of these last month when it was up on woot. Could not be happier. The unit preformed flawlessly on Thanksgiving and I also did a killer brisket. Anyone who smokes food knows how hard a brisket is to get just right. I sold my weber smokey mountain which is a great cooker but this unit is set it and forget it. My unit arrived perfectly intact. It is a heavy box and mine came Fed-Ex ground.

I also bought one last time (around 11/10/15). The box arrived on a UPS truck faster than I thought it would. It had a minor hole in the side, and I had the UPS guy document it. You know if there is shipping damage that you can document, it’s on UPS, not Woot, right?
Later, after unpacking, I found that there was no damage to the actual unit.
Went together easily, did the burn in with pellets I bought at Costco. BTW, this is way better than the Tr**ger that you can buy there.
So far, I’ve done a turkey, 3 racks of baby backs, and a brisket. I could not be happier with this purchase. There is a learning curve, it’s different than a gas grill. But family proclaimed the brisket, ‘the best they’ve ever had’.
If you’re on the fence on this one, don’t be. Read the reviews at ‘’ and just buy it. There are many recipes available for pellet smokers online from rubs to ribs.
Easy and delicious.

Didn’t you get paperwork with the unit. It provides a Camp Chef phone number to contact if you have any damage. It also states not to take it back to where you bought it. Camp Chef responded very professionally and quickly sent the part I needed. It arrived with a broken knob probably due to the very heavy weight of the box and the not so careful handling by the carrier. The unit I received had a broken clean out knob. I wouldn’t blame Woot, it’s the carrier that probably bounced it all of the way to your door. My box was beat up too! But beside the easily replaced broken knob, the rest of the unit was packed very well. Bottom line, the unit is awesome and if you want a cover for $35, Cabelas has a black one on sale. Camp Chef units at Cabelas looks very similar to the LTD, and the cover fits perfectly. Why spend $60 for a cover!

Mine arrived with no issues. It is heavy but assembly was easy. I’ve done pork roast, turkey, asparagus, squash, pizza, and Brussels sprouts. Everything is so much better. The cheese pizza was so flavorful. I bought papa murphys. Pork was easy to do with a nice smoke ring. All this has been done with 2 bags of pellets.

Anyone who had problems I’d see if camp chef can do anything for you. Mine was shipped directly from their warehouse so I’m sure they can do something better than woot.

Another happy purchaser here. I’ve done ribs and tenderloin on mine, both got comments from the family as the best they’d had. No shipping damage with mine, and I had no problems putting it together solo. My only issue was finding pellets - I expected to run up to Home Depot and grab some but they didn’t stock them in my store. After a few calls I found a great selection at the local Ace Hardware.


Why was nobody offering to contact Camp Chef during my multiple day back and forth email exchanges?

Gave in to temptation… Pretty pleeezzz ship safely…