Camp Chef Pellet Grills - Your Choice

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Camp Chef Pellet Grills - Your Choice
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I bought one last time it was offered. Works great, maintains the heat I set it at. Just cooked a brisket on Easter in it, actually.

The only issue I have is the legs are wobbly. My son put it together and the screws are tight but it sways back and forth. I hope someone from Camp Chef is watching this and recommends a solution.

Product Page, Review and the Manual

I bought the non-chimney version the last time these were offered. I love the “set it and forget it” capability of these when using it as a smoker. As a traditional grill for steaks, veggies, etc., I’d recommend getting a cast iron grate to cook on since you don’t get any direct heat. The cast iron heats up so you can sear your meat. I’ve done ribs, chicken, boston butts, a turkey, and fish on it. All have come out amazing.

Complaints: It was a little beat up in the shipping. The hinges across the top were dented in, but I just banged them back out. It’s not water tight, so the heat diffuser and the grease drip slide will rust pretty quickly if you don’t keep them oiled. Lastly, and this is my fault, you have to pull out the grate, drip slide and heat diffuser occasionally to vacuum out the ash. The burner cup is only about the size of a coffee mug, but if there is a lot of ash, at start-up, the ash will be blown around and will possibly lead to a flame-out and the grill will auto-shut off.

Love mine. Would by again withut hesitation.

Dang it! Just last week, I thought, “Man, the next time those Camp Chef Pellet Grills come up on Woot, I’m gonna get one.” And here it is already!!

I’ll try this… “Man, the next time a five dollar 70” Vizio TVs come up on Woot, I’m gonna get one."

Chimney or no chimney… Chimney or no chimney…

I bought one of these from woot about a month ago ( the one with the chimney). I love it so far, but not really sure the chimney adds anything but visual appearance. My grill leaks smoke from the lid, it looks like as much or more smoke comes out that way than actually comes out of the chimney, but I’ve only got about 3 smokes under my belt…maybe someone else can weigh in on the value of the chimney.

I bought the non-chimney version in a previous sale. I would imagine that there is only a difference if the chimney is adjustable. But on a pellet grill, I don’t imagine there is much advantage to having an adjustable chimney.

I bought one of the ones with a chimney the last time around and also bought a roll of self stick Nomex (1/2" x 1/8") to insulate around the lid. This stopped my lid from leaking.

Does this grill come with a meat temp probe? I found a reference to one in the manual in the recipes section, but no where else

The one without the chimney has slits in the back where smoke can leak out. Does the 2016 version with the chimney have a solid back with no slits?

I just don’t see the draw of pellets over a vertical smoker. You’re tied in to a consumable, you have to take the whole thing apart to clean it and the pieces don’t fit in the dishwasher, and good luck if pellets in the chute get wet in a rainstorm and you have to clear the swelled-up result.

I don’t have a pellet grill, but I’m thinking about replacing my old propane grill with one of these. I was just looking around and pellets are available at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and Amazon. Maybe it’s not quite as common as a bag of charcoal or a propane cylinder exchange, but it doesn’t sound too difficult to find. If you have a charcoal or propane grill, you’re still tied to one fuel source.

I’ve never put my propane grill parts in the dishwasher, but I can see myself leaving pellets in the hopper and letting it get clogged after a rain. (Or even just a week or two of Midwest humidity.) Not sure if I’m up to the hassle of having to empty the hopper every time.

I want to buy Flamingos

So there are a couple of issues with this particular device.

The first of which is it’s a pellet smoker. Whilst the Traeger rep at Costco LOVES leading off with “it’s what’s winning all the tournaments”, as someone who is on the KCBS circuit, I can tell you that’s not what’s happening at all. Lump & chunk/log is still king. The big issue I have w/ pellet smokers as it pertains to the home smoker is that you’re tied in to a type of consumable, and you’re tied in to the types of wood those consumable makers produce. Yeah sure, if all you’re ever going to want to do is put some hickory flavour on your meat and call it good, maybe it doesn’t matter. But what happens when you decide to become more adventurous and you find out that persimmon wood is great for turkey - think you’re going to be able to easily acquire persimmon pellets? Or you come up with a bit of venison and somebody informs you that grape vines and English walnut is a divine combination - good luck with that. You’re hamstringing yourself right out of the gate with pellets.

The other issue with this one is the actual construction quality of the unit itself. I see they’re offering a variety with a chimney - you won’t need it. The build quality of this product is so poor and the seal so bad that smoke is just going to POUR out of it, mostly through the door. And since most of that smoke is coming straight from the firebox to the poorly sealed exits, that means you aren’t getting good circulation or smoke coverage of what’s on the grates. This has the added “benefit” of causing cool zones within your smoking chamber because if smoke is getting out, that means outside air is also getting in in a meaningful way. You’re going to have temperature fluctuations, and that’s a bad thing. One of the reasons people go so batty over Big Green Eggs (and kamado/bullet styles in general) is their ability to retain heat and create a chamber by which you nut the temperature every time, and it stays consistent. Cool air comes in from the bottom, is heated as it hits the coals and smoldering wood, rises, circulates through the smoke chamber, until eventually finding its only escape through the stack at the top. Perfect. Even a Traeger, though it’s still got the same limitation re: pellets, is constructed in such a way that you’re not going to have smoke pouring out of every weld spot and crevice. Your airflow moves East-west and what’s on the grates gets coverage. Something like this will not give you that at all. Even were it constructed well, they put the stack in the centre of the vessel, which is the wrong place to put it. This is just cheaply constructed pot metal that won’t last.

All of these things point to an inferior product put on the plate. It’s designed for the low-standard retail consumer who doesn’t know any better. If that’s you, I say saloo, but for this price, I’d recommend just going on Amazon and getting a Weber Smokey Mountain, which costs about the same amount of money, gives you more flexibility as it pertains to consumables, and offers a solid, easy-to-control cook.

Nice pellet grill, but, no, it’s not a million times better than pan-frying a steak. Many top cooks agree that the best way to get a fantastic crust on a steak (not a roast or barbecued meat) is to pan-fry it.

This is the best way to slowly smoke ribs or a brisket or chicken. Slowly and low temperature. But Woot geeks might be forgiven for not knowing that.

I grill a lot and smoke some, but I’ve never heard of using pellets. I’m suspicious of additives that could get nasty chemicals into the meat. Anybody know if there’s anything but wood in the pellets? I know you have to be careful with charcoal. They’ll slip anything from petroleum to formaldehyde in charcoal. I’m wondering if pellets are the same way? Glues at the least?

me too i thought i was the only pegleg