Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill Black

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This looks like a good deal.

I got the PG24LTD for $459.99 last November. It’s a little bit prettier, if you like stainless accents anyway, but this one has the hopper clean out. That’s a cool feature if you want to use a different type of wood pellet for different types of meat. I would happily exchange my stainless accents for that convenience.

It’s also a benefit because you shouldn’t leave the pellets in the hopper for long when you aren’t using the grill because humidity can cause them to break down. This can clog the auger. The hopper clean out would make this a breeze. With mine, it’s a pain getting them all out if you put in more than you need. And I live in Houston where it’s always humid.

Another thing I should mention: I bought my PG24LTD from woot in November. I built it in December. I finally decided to use it a couple of days ago.

I tried using Traeger pellets thinking that they would be better than the off brand pellets I found at most of the stores, but my grill wouldn’t light. I contacted customer service, and we went over the whole start up procedure and did some simple troubleshooting. The customer service rep feels that it is likely to be the Traeger pellets that are the problem because the heating rod is turning bright red when it is in the start up mode. But because I felt that we should be able to trust that brand of pellets, they are sending me a new heating rod and a bag of Camp Chef pellets for free.

I consider that to be excellent customer service!! It was only a couple of days ago, so I haven’t received the pellets yet to look and see if there is a noticeable difference, but I didn’t even have to provide proof of purchase to get these accommodations.

Yes, I had a problem right off the bat, but with customer service like that I have no worries that all will work out well. And in the features description, it does recommend using Camp Chef brand pellets.

This sucker looks awesome! Love the video explanation of how it works!

This is basically a knock off of the Traeger Lil Tex Elite, but for this price you may as well hold out for a sale on the real deal.

Bought the DLX model last time it was on WOOT. This smoker is perfect. Truly set it and forget it. I have done brisket, chicken, ribs and pork shoulder with zero problems. It’s shipped in a giant box and you need to do some basic assembly but it is packed really well. It’s also really heavy. So if your tired of your Weber bullet get this unit. Stellar performance, easy clean up and solid construction. FYI I do use the Trager pellets from Costco with no problems.

I looked at the Traeger, but the the max temp is too low and you can’t sear a steak with a Traeger. I bought this on the last Woot and love it. My brother has a Traeger and this is way better. He has to take everything apart to clean out his ash. I pull a lever and empty the bucket.

I bought this on the last Woot deal too and haven’t had any problems. I’ve only used Traeger pellets in mine and it works great. I will buy some Camp Chef pellets and give it a try, but I can’t imagine the smoker working any better. I’ve heard the Traeger pellets don’t burn as hot, so maybe that’t it. Love my Camp Chef pellet grill. I’m doing a brisket this weekend.

Actually, if you compare features, read the reviews on, and ask anyone who bought one the last time, this is a far superior smoker. It has the computerized thermostat, firepot cleanout, and easy startup and shutdown procedure.
I got one in the November woot and couldn’t be happier. I’ve done all the usual suspects and more. I’ve used pellets from Costco and Amazon.

Between the two, this is the one.

Seems to be about 60 bucks more than last time, at lease I bought it last time. Still in the box…

*[MOD:Looks like you ordered the the SE model, this offer is for the DLX] *

I bought the SmokePro SE from Woot a few months ago and I could not be happier. I’ve done chicken, pork, ribs, sausage and brisket and everything comes out just knock-your-socks-off good. Set it and forget it. Assuming this one is as good (and it looks to be nicer) I would say anyone on the fence should pull the trigger. I’m usually a “buy the Cadillac and only cry once” type consumer but in this case SmokePro offers a tremendous value at a very reasonable price.

Thanks, Ski, that’s really good to hear. Maybe I’ll try starting the fire with Camp Chef pellets and adding a mix of both brands of pellets after it gets going. I could actually smell the smoke and feel a bit of heat, but once the start up mode ended the flame kept going out. That implies that the pellets weren’t lit well enough to maintain the burn. I really didn’t think it was a problem with the smoker because I could see that the heating rod was red hot, but with Traeger being the original I couldn’t imagine it being the pellets, either.

Hack, build your smoker!! It’s grillin’ season!

It’s easy. I’m a girl. I did it all by my little self. Build it, you’ll be glad you did! :slight_smile:

whats the difference between this one and the one on with a $250 price difference.

The ash cleanup blows my mind as I currently have a traeger with issues that I am going to return.

Good review here

No difference. They’re the same model. So really, the only difference is the money.

I have both a Traeger L’il Tex and the Camp Chef DLX. The Camp Chef is a better cooker due to several features. Materials and quality of construction are about the same between the two. At this price I’m almost tempted to get one and sell the Traeger. If I weren’t headed out of town for a month I’d probably do it.

Edit re pellets: Traeger pellets are mostly filler wood. 100% filler in the “Hickory” with “flavoring oils.” Lumberjack, Cookinpellets contain what the bag label says they contain.

Does this unit function well as a grill? I know you don’t have the direct heat for searing and such, but would it be super noticeable if I did burgers or steaks on this instead of a typical gas grill? I’m looking to both replace my grill and get a smoker, and this could potentially kill two birds with one stone. Thanks in advance.

The short answer is no, it won’t get hot enough.
The company sells a searing box that attaches to this you can get from outdoorcooking dot com for $200

edaily, you might want to look into the Kamado Joe or some other brand of ceramic grill. Switching to charcoal may create a bit of a learning curve, but when my pellet grill didn’t work the other day, I turned around, threw some lump coal in my Kamado Joe and smoked the best rack of spare ribs I had ever smoked!

Maybe woot will offer a Kamado Joe or Green Egg someday.

A Weber might work well for your needs, too. They are much less expensive. I think there are some models better than others for smoking. I’m not really familiar with Webers.