Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

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I know some wooters have these from previous sales. Let’s hear from you!!!

Quality posts for cheap!

Can I just say, not to boast or anything… aw, who am I kidding?! This is ONLY so that I can boast! :smiley:

My INDOOR screen (at 135") is bigger than your OUTDOOR screen :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the larger version of this (from Amazon) that I use when we go camping. This would be better for my situation, and since the one I bought didn’t come with a stand, the included one makes it worth the cost.

It’s also about $40 more on Amazon.

Show off. :tongue:

I brought this in a prior sale. I’m very pleased with the purchase. It sets up easily and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Well worth the price.

Oooh, people posting on a Friday night. I LOVE YOU!!!

Sadly it is only 92 inches… When I’m doing a movie size matters and this is smaller than my indoor screen.

Description says “With a 120” screen, you’ll attract the attention of your neighbors,"

Is it 120 or 92? For something like this there is like only ONE stat that matters. Get it right.

It’s 92". I’ll get the write-up fixed as soon as my computer starts cooperating.

Bought the 120" version a while back. For an inexpensive screen, it works very well and has held up nicely. Thought for sure the plastic clips that hold the screen to the frame would have snapped by now but they are all going strong. Set up/tear down is easy. If this one were the 120" version I’d be buying another one for sure.

can you project from the rear, or only front?