Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

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Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Movie Screen
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Very funny intro copy to this product! While I love the movie Shakes the Clown, it’s rated R and I doubt anyone’s going to show it on family movie night in the backyard. But kudos for the shout out for a funny movie. And be sure to give those tough rodeo clowns a wide berth.

I have the 150" version of this screen and can recommend it. Overall, the quality is very good. I can put the 150" up by myself, if I have to, but I can do it with one other person in about 5 minutes. Great for movie nights, football/sports parties, etc.

My 132" screen is in it’s third season of hosting movie nights. I love how compact this is compared to a giant mess of blow-up vinyl. I use mine with canopy weights holding it down during windy weather. I usually put it up with two people but have learnt to put it up by myself if there’s no breeze. High value.

any ideas why the curved 120" is significantly cheaper than the regular 120"?

Dunno why it’d be cheaper, but if I’m not mistaken, most projectors are designed to throw onto a flat screen, so the curved model leads to some pin-cushioning when paired with most projectors. Many projectors have the ability to adjust pincusioning anyways, so hey…if it’s cheaper, and you don’t mind out-of-focus corners, knock youself out

Btw…unless you’re packin’ well over 6000 lumens, don’t expect to show much of an image in broad daylight.