Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Movie Screens

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Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Movie Screens
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Reviews on the 120" over at Amazon

Marketing/Advertisers crack me up. I know they are trying to sell screens but really? How stupid to they think the customer is to believe that you can gather your kids, in the back yard, on a Friday night, in broad daylight to watch a movie? I mean really. What I would like to know is what projector did they use to get such a bright picture at what could be 7:30pm in Arizona? Screw the screen, I want a projector that operates in broad daylight and is 10million laser enhanced lumens so I can binge watch Games of Thrones on a Friday afternoon by the pool. But then again, looking at the last two pictures of the 144inch model, I guess a family fun night of staring at the white wrinkled screen would be enjoyable too.

The last picture is accurate. We use a 4500 lumen projector, and it is (barely) passable at 7:30PM showtimes at the height of summer, just as dusk is settling in. The first ~15 minutes is a little washed out, till the sky starts to darken more. The whole setup has been a huge hit with the neighborhood families. We’re big fans…mostly because we live in a miniature cap cod, and the patio is the only place in our house large enough to entertain. But if I had more cash to throw at it, I would have gotten a 6klumen projector. Those are spendy. As it was, the 4.5klumen HD projector retails for over a grand.

Most projectors would struggle to throw a picture that clear in almost full daylight, but from the first hint of dusk my 4K lumen Optoma puts a blazing good image on my screen. Granted they could have done a better job stretching the screen in that one pic, but the adjusting straps always allow for a perfectly flat screen every time. We use ours in the back yard and marvel at the fantastic images–a good screen makes all the difference. For Halloween l dressed up as a movie usher and set up a “movie theater” in our driveway–the neighborhood kids loved it so much many of them stopped trick or treating and stayed for the double feature. You’re crazy to not take advantage of these great prices!

How easy are these to set up, and take down? Would anyone recommend the inflatable screens over one of these?

The basics of the setup are easy to grasp, but the assembly is good bit of work–get all the pieces laid out in the right configuration, slot and click them all together, clip the screen to the assembled frame, pull the adjustment straps tight, then get it upright (which I have done by myself but would prefer to have help if at all possible!). First timers should allot 20-30 minutes, after that you can probably do it in 10-15. Can’t comment on inflatables–have never had one or worked with one.

Personally, I think the blow-up ones are only preferred if you are ALWAYS setting up the screen by yourself. The blower motor adds noise, and being outside, there’s already ambient noise to overcome, and no walls to make your speakers more powerful. The pole-supported screen is heavy(steel). But the blow-up vinyl isn’t that light either, and it’s floppiness makes it a little like organizing a giant wet noodle… pretty cumbersome. At the end of the day, the pole supporte package takes less room to store, and less space when you’re trying to set it up in a corner of your yard. Setting up the screen with 1 person is possible, but way faster with two people. Since I tend to set it up just prior to a get together, there’s always someone to lend a hand. So I personally find the pole-supported versions much more preferable.

The pieces are nicely labeled. If a label ever gets pealed off, I intend to re-label with a label-maker. I find the labels really help. I also drew a diagram on a small piece of the cardboard it came in of how I lay the poles in the bag so there is no dicking around when it comes to putting things away. Just look at the labels, and follow the diagram. It’s pretty quick. The most time taken is in rolling up the guy-out lines. And that’s just because I’m hyper anal.

These are great prices for good portable screens.

However, if you would like a larger size and don’t care as much about portability…I recommend checking out the various options of these kits or screens only:

Occasionally size does matter!