Camp Chef Ranger II Table Top Stove

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Camp Chef Ranger II Table Top Stove
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That second photo just screams “wildfire”.

Time to check out the product page and let’ learn all about Camp Chef

I was thinking it screamed, “you don’t have to leave you camp site, to hunt.”

I was just thinking he really wanted to be ready to cook whatever he shoots.

There’s a 5’ hose but no mention of what you can hook it up to. I am assuming that is for some sort of fuel. Some stoves burn white gas, some propane, others kerosene.
Some can burn all of the above and throw in some rocket fuel ( I know this as I bought a backpacking one that can do this) .
On the other hand, maybe it hooks up to a generator that is powered by a stationary bike, so you can get a good work out before you eat.

But seriously, what are the specs on that ?

I’ll just say that this is more for your family oriented camping trips.

If you are looking at this for a long term hike or journey it should be noted that this unit comes weighing in at 15 pounds and you are going to have a tough time adjusting the rest of your gear to fit such a weighty item.

So unless you aren’t worried about weight constrictions or a chef looking for the best, most natural foods around to test out with your most recent blackened gecko, I would consider another option.

Their website says it burns PROPANE ONLY.

It runs on methane. They don’t tell you where to stick the other end of that 5’ hose for a reason.

That wouldn’t work too well as cows are not stationary animals - they mooooove around. This thing might work as a survivalist item IF, and that’s a big IF, you are sheltering in place and not on the run. Otherwise, it’s way too big and heavy and needs too much fuel.

The version of the photo with the hunters in the background on the product website shows a 20# propane cylinder. I don’t know if it can be used with the smaller propane cannisters or not.

Saw this and thought… Should offer up a proper nod to Mr. Gary Larson (creator of the Far Side cartoon’s.) What creative insperation this little pic provides. "A pair of hunters discreetly positioned in the wild - confident, focused and unaware, their back turned. An innocent yet effective pummeling sits idle and undetected be hind them. Ahh the feel of cold… heavy… cast iron - ironicly well seasoned!

Btw good reviews of the stove on amazon.

Not to mention the table you would need to carry with you for your Camp Chef Ranger II TABLE TOP stove since you rarely find tables in the wilderness.

Camp Chef sells an adapter for using the small, disposable propane tanks. $14 on Amazon:

Dude on the left: “Bird? What bird? There’s a bird flying?”

I find it ironic when intolerance is shown to hunters. The monies collected as taxes from all hunting related sales, as well as the licensing fees collected are single handily responsible for the comeback of dozens of species from near extinction in this country.

Most hunters are very ecologically aware, as their sport depends on a healthy population of wildlife. They consume what they take.

Just because it isn’t shrink wrapped in your local freezer case does not make it less consumable, indeed I would postulate that it is far healthier than your store purchase.

And intimating that bashing in someone’s head with a cast iron skillet as they participate in a legal activity is a bit prejudiced and sick don’t you think?

So to summarize - it’s 15lb propane-fueled stove with a 5’ hose to connect to those 20lb propane tanks and if you want to connect to the smaller one, you have to buy an adapter. This looks like a strictly car camping stove for a large party or very long trip. I use a smaller and lighter butane-fueled single stove that costs $20 that works just fine.