Camp Chef SmokePro STX Pellet Grill

This look just like the one I saw on a infomercial. Set temperature uses pellets and drains the grease off. Wish I knew for sure. The one on tv had a convection type setup too. Any thoughts?

I have the cabelas brand which is this same one but with glass in the door… grease catch bucket yes… ash catch yes… pellet drain yes… I would recommend the jerky rack setup for it!! You get so much more room to cook… and the amazing pellet tube (fill with pellets, light and let smolder) for the extra smoke flavor that pellet smokers lack

I have the DLX. The only difference is mine has hole on the back of the pellet hopper to make it easier to change pellet flavors. I’ve never used it. This is a good deal, and I highly recommend this grill. If you’ve never used a pellet grill, it’s a game changer, and you can’t go wrong with Camp Chef. Excellent quality for the money and great customer service if something does go wrong.

You might be thinking of the Traeger. They have an infomercial that runs pretty regularly. Same basic idea - pellet fed fan driven convection. Most Camp Chef models have a leg up on the competition with a patented ash cup removal that makes cleaning the ashes out of the firepot much easier. Between the two I’d go with a Camp Chef every time.

I bought a similar model a few years back, and I couldn’t agree more. Camp Chef > Traeger.

This one uses convection as well. I just got the XT model which is barely different than one here (I got mine at a Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor in Portland for the same price here. Just used it for the first time last night and it’s very easy to get going. Seems to heat evenly and the digital thermostat makes cooking outside much more precise.

I bought one of these on Woot last year after missing out on an earlier deal, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s extremely easy to use and very versatile. It’s made smoking so much fun and rewards. The temperatures do fluctuate, but a nomex gasket off amazon help that and smoke retention. Amazon has great deals on pellets if you are a prime member. Even though it’s an entry level size. It’s more than adequate for several pork butts and a massive brisket. If you’re on the fence and don’t get it, I promise you will regret it.

Do these offset smokers ever have a water pan?

Can you smoke a turkey in this?

You can do a turkey! Even 2 - 12lb turkeys fit side by side

Has anybody got theirs yet? Is it really new and not refurbished? Kinda on the fence, I’ve never bought anything from woot! and don’t want to deal with a potential headache. How’s the return policy?


Curious, no one worried about chemicals in pellets coming out into meat? My understanding is pellets are mostly wood (sawdust), but still contain contaminants from the original uses (furniture, etc.). I see NO2 & SO2 are low, but that’s assuming it’s exhausted and not being absorbed into a food.

An automated feed system for a multi-hour smoke seems desirable, but just wondering the cost beyond financial.

I believe you want to use food grade wood pellets for smoking, which would not have wood sourced from furniture, pallets, etc. Heating pellets could have wood from those sources.

Wasn’t aware they existed, good to know. Thanks for the info.

(Neighbors ran wood pellet for heat, but we were oil. Now we have natural gas in new home so I’m not familiar with the medium)

Lowest price ever, according to the camels. (previous low was $319.19 on Amzn)

I’m waiting for a deal like this on the Camp Chef Woodwind.
Camp Chef makes great stuff! I have one of their propane vault smokers, some of their cast iron cookware, and a backpacking stove.

If you do get this one, I got the Campchef DLX from woot in December. After 4 months i love this thing…i highly reccomend Pit Boss and Lumberjack pellets…best quality.

This of you that do purchase one of these, i highly reccoment joining the Camp Chef Smokers FB group…lots of great tips and help.

I agree. Don’t buy the Trager or cheap pellets, they are just hardwood that’s been ‘scented’.

The CookinPellets and LumberJack are the best I’ve tried so far.
I also have a ‘Smoke tube’ to add a flavor of smoke pellets (mesquite), if I don’t want to fill a bin with the flavor.
I really am sold of the CookinPellets ‘Perfect mix’ for a slightly sweet smoke for pork or birds.

Dumb question: I know this is meant for pellets but can I use wood chips? I have dried out apple wood that I’d love to use.