Camp Chef SmokePro STX Pellet Grill

No. Assembled it yesterday.

New. Well packed.

No. Auger and hopper are not designed for chips.

Yes, I got mine and it is new. I love it! Great deal!

I received mine yesterday. The grill seemed to be packed well with no visible damage to the box. When i removed the main unit i noticed several dents, one of which resulted in cracked paint. I’m disappointed in the blemishes, but I’m smoking ribs and tri tip today and it seems to be running well.
30 degrees F out here. I’m definitely going to need the blanket kit.

Received mine a few days ago. It’s missing about 20% of the hardware required to assemble it.

I’m very sorry. Please contact Camp Chef to see if they can send you the missing parts.

If that doesn’t work, Please use the Woot Customer Service form for some options.

The temp controller allowed temp to swing +/- 100F. Impossible to get good results with bad controls. That’s no bueno.

Camp Chef’s customer support was helpful, they responded quickly and I should have a hardware kit shortly.

YAY! Again, apologies for the problem.