Camp Chef Stryker Stove

that’s what it looks like


Lindal valve is what the isobutane canisters use. Look carefully at the photo in the Amazon product. There is no Large LPG tank, only green steel portable smaller tanks.

Then also look at how it specifies it as a “Lindal” valve.

“The EN417 canister specification and Lindal self-sealing valve are a standard adopted by manufacturers throughout the world. Because the Lindal valve is an industry standard, theoretically every brand of screw-threaded canister fuel must work on any brand of screw-threaded stove.”

WHAT?! You have to cook it? Here I’ve been tossing it in like peanuts. No wonder I fill bloated later…

Thanks for that! I just watched a few of those videos - pretty fascinating. Believe I’ll build a stove or two tonight as soon as I empty a few beer cans. :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, but it appears as though you’re totally wrong. Read all the comments for that adapter in the comments section. Several people say they used it with butane & isobutane stoves.