Camp Chef Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen

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Camp Chef Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen
Price: $144.99
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This screen and S’mores makes me want to go camping again.

I have one of these and they work great. They even withstand high winds.

My only issue is that I can’t find any cheap way of doing sound for it. I’ve tried using my outdoor speakers as well as a computer set, but its pretty hard to hear the dialog out in the open without having it so loud that you piss off the neighbors.

Invite the neighbors :slight_smile: Or maybe some wireless headphones… not as fun but if you have crappy neighbors not much you can do.

The main product page states that it is eligible for shipping to all 50 states, yet during the checkout it says that the screen won’t ship to Hawaii. So will it or won’t it? If so I’m going to buy it.

For the record, 90% of the stuff I try to buy from Woot doesn’t ship to Hawaii.

I believe woot’s now up to 100% not shipping to Hawaii, due to a recent policy change. Somebody mentioned that in a previous thread.

How easily can you clean off bird droppings?

I’ll be sure to let all the rave promoters know about this CRAZY good deal.

Sit closer to the speakers? Doh!!!

We set ours up in the front yard throughout last summer… with a spare set of Polk towers, center channel, sub, and a Onkyo amp. It can get loud.

I give the direct neighbors a heads up that movie night is coming. We also invite anyone in the neighborhood to stop by over Facebook. We usually have 30-40 kids with blankets or lawn chairs.

…and I always have everyone a bag of popcorn ready.

Can anyone recommend a good and inexpensive projector for the screen. The whole thing looks like a great outdoor party for the kids

Height can be adjustable? so I can set it indoor with low ceiling?

We’ve had this screen for about two years now and absolutely love it.

The fact that you can set this up for rear projection makes all the difference in the world for outdoor movies. Having all your projection equipment/wires/cables tucked safely behind the screen opens up all the viewing space in front of the screen and you don’t have to worry about people tripping over stuff in the dark.

We’re using a cheaper WXGA projector, the Optoma DW326e, with about 3000 lumens. It needs to be pretty dark to get a good picture but man is it a good picture!

No, the frame doesn’t allow for height adjustments. I suppose you could assemble it without the lower legs/supports but then it would need to be hung from a wall or supported in some other way.

Depending on your definition of inexpensive, the Optoma W311 is an excellent WXGA projector for under $400. Great color and a native HD picture. Check out my earlier comment for a picture of this screen and that projector (last year’s model) in use.

Is it easy to put up and take down?

Absolutely. It takes about 5 minutes to set the screen up and take-down is about the same. Because of the height of the screen, It’s easiest to assemble the frame flat, install the screen, then stand the whole thing up. That’ll make way more sense once you actually have it :wink:

I used this article to help my with my hunt for an inexpensive projector for the backyard.

I ended up buying the Acer as an open box special.
For audio I bought a Home Theater in a box with a blu ray player built in. Not the best sound but the kids do not complain.
I bought one inch tube clamps from a DJ Store to hang the speakers on the frame of the screen.